Ravage Arma3 - the SP and MP supportive "Daizy" with custom missions.

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Ravage Arma3 - the SP and MP supportive "Daizy" with custom missions.

Disclaimer -
I know folks still love Arma2 , but once I got into started playing in Arma3 , A2 does seem a vast bit more "clunky" , though a slight learning curve with A3's inventory and controls being slightly different.
Mostly though, visuals in Arma2 were never that great.  Lots of times in A2, you were simply hunting pixels at the edges of your visibility.
A3 can have long distant targets, but things are noticeably better graphics wise. Arma3 actually runs better performance wise than Arma2 does , believe it or not.  It's still Arma , so never perfect... but it does run alot better!

About the most -annoying- part of A3 though, is the DLC crap.  I've not gotten the huge most expensive one myself, but did purchase a couple. ( Helps with some items that spawn in, being DLC content with spam your screen with watermarks and purchase options if you use them, or vehicles you can't interact with. )

But ...

Onto the meat and potatoes!

 Ravage itself is a fairly easy mod to use.  Open the editor, drop the desired ravage modules ( most are self explanatory , or have enough hints in the attributes tab, you figure out what they do quick. )
 All you do is drop the modules anywhere on the map ... drop in a playable bluefor character , and you are good to go!

 Each module included has options... only want walkers? A few runners? Or All runners? ... thats up to you.  You can set how lethal zombie damage is.  Or you can elect not to have zombies at all!
 Ai also has a module ... you can tune this setting to how you like it to.

 Ravage is Modules ( think of them as working drag-and-drop in game logics ) ... so can be used on basically any map.  I say that, there are some arma maps, the system doesn't mesh well one way or another, but big issues I've found to be rare.  

 Ravage can also be ran onto of loads of other mods too.  

 A really good one is Vandeason's Apocalypse mod for Arma3 ... which was designed to work in conjunction with Ravage.  
 It's a mod that pretty much just runs , and it's settings are found in the  mission parameters.
Vand has quite a few in depth tutorials on his mod if having trouble.

 VA adds in more  AI, more loot spawns ( more like original DayZ mods ) , also includes an infection system.
AI killed by zombies and raise back up as zombies, leaving thier gun behind ... but carrying thier back packs and gear.

 I use quite a few mods , i got of course CBA A3 , which is required by most mods out there, but especially for vandeason's apocalypse.  I have a lot of CUP mods ( stands for Community Upgrade Projects) , that basically directly port Arma2 maps, units, and weapons into Arma3.

You guys should see Chenarus Redux mod though ... OMG Cherno is NOT the same!  Overgrown and very apoccy!  

But the cool aspect about ravage, is you can create your own custom missions as a frame-work , then run Ravage as the "survival filler" ...
( Technically you can pick and chose which parts you want, so if you JUST want zombies roaming around, but not the food/hunger , water/hydration aspects , you can.  Or Just AI , or I think even just randomized loot in searchable things. )

 It's so customizable, you could design full scale campaigns , and still Ravage it up!  

 Arma3 rather makes single player/multiplayer missions much easier to do and implement than Arma2 in regards to using mods like Ravage.

 I went and played some Exile servers online, also went and played Arma3 epoch/overpoch ... and I gotta say, even with modular base building added, Ravage , lacking base building of it's own, is still better than those.  

In fact, I'd really love it if Kodabar added in a Arma3 Ravage SP Unofficial releases sub section here.

 I'm about to work on such a mission, which will be on the huge Mediterranean/greek-style, semi arid Altis. ( Huge map!!!)
Features will be -
* SP, but also multiplayer supportive up to 5 players ( 6 players if you want a Zeus Gamemaster , running extra stuff in real time. )
* respectable amount of zombies spawn in per player, but limited to walkers.
* POI's , and "stashes" ... hey bandits gotta horde up supplies to right?
* POIs that can be garrisoned by enemy units.
* Random trader location that spawns in on the map -somewhere-.
* wrecked vehicles you can repair, refuel, and possibly re-arm.
* Vehicles in varying conditions located around the map.
* Helicrashes with chance of loot spawns.
* Roaming Bandits ( Renegades), Wandering AI bandit patrols , Vehicle Roaming AI ( yep even some armed ones ).
* Ability to radio call in Airdrop supplies at radio towers, and Airports. ( undecided in Airdrops will happen there , or in random location that marks on your map general area to search for them.)
* A few locations that can be used as "safehouses", or camps, or Base , that can be gotten to used to store extra gear, have places to sleep , cook, ect.

Kinda a WIP atm, but am working on it!

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Re: Ravage Arma3 - the SP and MP supportive "Daizy" with custom missions.

All in All I highly recommend picking up Arma3 , even if it means a computer upgrade or new one!!!

 Ravage isn't the only mod you can get/play with , but is possibly my favorite.  There's loads of stuff... wanna play Stargate, you can!
Wanna be Halo, or Warhammer, or Starwars? You can... I even found starship troopers, Aliens Marines, X-Com like units... even found a "Not-G.I.Joe" WIP mod, I hope actually gets finished/fleshed out more!

 There's Stalker too, but most of those are in russian *sigh* , so doesn't help us English speaking Americans at all.

I've pretty much dropped out of Arma2 once I got this new gaming rig , and opened up to being able to play Arma3 ( and other games too!) much better!

Plus, unlike Arma 2 where it's a struggle to make customized DayZ Single-player missions, arma 3 especially with Ravage, makes it so much more simpler, anyone can do it!
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Re: Ravage Arma3 - the SP and MP supportive "Daizy" with custom missions.

what up! , i was playing ravage + other mods and was fine and beuty graphics but i always back to dayzmod

xD ,maybe nostalgia who knows.