"wasteland" ( the TvT versions)

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"wasteland" ( the TvT versions)

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completely unrelated to Olive's wasteland 1987 ... I'm talking about the slightly "popular" TvT/PvP game mission mode on Arma2 ( somewhat now on Arma3 ) ...

 I always thought "Wasteland" wasn't really properly named for what it was, and I honestly could never figure out why, DayZ KOS players didn't just play Wasteland instead.  ( It's actually set up 100% for PvP and KOS aspects, where as DayZ was allegedly a "survival simulation mod".  

 But ... even so , there have been ... elements in Wasteland that are somewhat neat.  
 Like the loading/unloading objects ( base parts) in the vehicles ... it does a have some form of food/water/medical system , it's very "light end" in comparison to dayz though.

Some of "wasteland" is outdated/wonky ... like it doesn't use backpacks for units that were not included with a backpack ... not that you really need em in "wasteland" for it's gameplay.  
 I think most versions have a money system and "shops" ...  

 What I've always wondered ... why no one had ever taken these concepts and simply applied them for OTHER types of missions/game modes?  ( or if such is even possible. )
 Even the "object/placement" bases , or base parts ... while wasteland uses 100% arma2 assets , of course it's NOT epoch-modular bases , but "fortifications"  , which is totally better than nothing but a tent, barbed wire, and a few tank traps.

 Again wasteland's "fail point" was it centered around heavy Multi-player-centric dependency.   If you only had a few people on, or was solo ... it was boring.  

 I'm wondering though ... how to make it more SP friendly , if at best ... make it more SP/Co-Op than TvT/PvP ...

Any thoughts?