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UAC dayz from mod DB

 Ok this is interesting ...

It offers two versions , regular Chernarus and Chernarus Winter.  

 But how you set this up is by the INCLUDED dayz control center , that allows you to run a dayz server from your local machine.  

 Have to go through the read me files to get it set up properly.  

 But you can play it lan/single player ...  I myself, like all " multiplayer dayz" , it runs very bad fps even on lowest settings, with a ping of 0-1 ( 0 ms).
I don't get that, because I can run a full ACE2 +warfare mission with no fps drops at all.  Just about anything multiplayer but ANYTHING dayz , runs fine.  As soon as I go multiplayer with DAYZ , my fps drops to 4-5 , 6 fps being highest on very lowest settings.
I can play most daizy SP, and Day of Survival at 20fps on my crappy computer , just ... not any multiplayer.  

 But I figured I'd pass this one along, i'm sure most have seen it.  

I figured at least the DayzcontrolCenter part, might be useful in running your own servers, maybe even be epoch server file configurable, I dunno.  

The "mission" of UAC dayz is interesting, wish I could have played it actually.  It has quite a bit of things added in, all sorts of missions, AI missions, anomalies, storm surges, bloodsuckers ...

Might be fun for those with better comps than I have.