The DayZ sandbox ... dynamic mission

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The DayZ sandbox ... dynamic mission

I was messing around with newest vanilia dayz code ... I forgot kind of I had loaded up MCC sandbox for another project test ...

 Here's what I think is the nice part -  
You could in major theory ... run absolute dynamic Dayz missions for other players.  Especially for Lan/direct connect smaller groups, with-out the need of an external server.  

 Of course, it takes at least one person being the "game master" , and some knowledge on how to operate MCC sandbox addon ... , but I do think it's entirely possible.  

 MCC "detects" what mods/addons you are running, and auto-puts items, weapons, ect in it's list ... the only issue I ran into, was trying to spawn certain things in real quick in test, via the 3d editor portion of MCC , some things just didn't spawn in ...

 Zombies/Bandits ... whatever , use UPSMON scripting , you can set them to garrison areas, ambush strategy , patrols that stay in a zone, or patrols that will persue outside of placed zones.
 As the MCC "Game-Master" you can "hijak" NPCs to add in , "people" to give instructions, clues, missions ... task ... , or provide at least one human opponent in a mess of AI bad guys ...

  Such missions take a bit of set up of course in the raw mission file , you need to open your map you want in the editor first, place as many "playable units" as you desire.  Place all necessary code on the "characters" you want, make sure you place all the required modules for MCC and what you desire on the map.

 MCC Sandbox, handles re-spawn if you wish, it also is JIP friendly.  

 Now, you as "GM" , would have to spawn in items "needed" , weapons, ammo ... ect for players.  This is not as fluid as DayZ lootsystem , as I believe you must spawn in everything item wise into loot crates , via the 3d editor ( if you didn't set anything in the initial mission that is. )

 Technically you could "create" such "mission" just for yourself ... do SP. as in a true "custom experience" play ...
 But , it'd be very useful to run small player groups through ... with MCC you can custom create your own "story" , for players to follow along or ignore.
 It's about as close you will get in Arma2 to "ravage" or Zues editor from arma3 to do "dynamic missions".
 Which I think, for what it is ... kind of cool.  Players just have to be somewhat patient with the GM , as some things don't run fast or immediate on MCC ...
 It kind of opens up a great many possibilities not found in SP , or even online public servers.

 Upsmon scripts that run AI, make them behave better than default BIS Ai ...
Which in my opinion makes enemy AI behave much better ... like if you chose garrison or fortify, they will use buildings and go inside even ...
So setting up a camp or area full of bandits is possible ...

 I didn't do alot of testing with it, just discovered it could be done ...

 I thought it was neat , being able to Game master up unique experience for small groups.  I wouldn't over-load your mission with many players , you can decide if it's co-OP or Pve, or PVP when initially setting up the mission map.
  While not a "true to form" actual "dayz" ... being able to completely custom run missions on the fly, is a boon I think, Arma2 DayZ always lacked before.
 Now I am unsure if , the food/water/blood icons work with players that way ... will need further testing to see.
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Re: The DayZ sandbox ... dynamic mission

Found a bug with MCC , it does not handle the Independant faction well ...  I'm not sure how that effects things from mission to mission yet.