Sometime music always restarting after load

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Sometime music always restarting after load

In the right section this time ^^
"Pierry wrote : Well as I posted on the megathread for fixes, bugs etc: When I load my saved mission it always just start another track from it in a middle of one that was playing. And that repeats all the time. Even if I start the mission from scratch, same results."

Someone got the same problem ?
Is there a solution ? I have this problem too, with the Factions release... someone found the fix ?

I've backuped a 'good saved game' (=without the sound problem).
I used to load it for testing purpose, without problem.

When the problem occured in the current game, I try to load this backuped game, and the problem appears in this saved game...

An idea how to track this bug ?

Thank you very much !