STALKER Exclusion Zone Sandbox development Rar.

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STALKER Exclusion Zone Sandbox development Rar.

Hi, first thanks to all the DEVS on here for providing such great mods for DayZ, really enjoyed your work so far!

Thought some of you may find this useful, I would love to see this combined with DayZ food, health,thirst elements plus Factions ... any takers? The original creator has stopped development of this mod :(
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Re: STALKER Exclusion Zone Sandbox development Rar.

Necro here, but out of all the STALKER mods out there, This one is the most complete DAP_STalker mod for arma2 Oa/CO one can get.

 I've been playing around with it myself.  

 NS ( Nightstalkers) MOD now has a broken d-load ( and doesn't look like it will get fixed. ).
NS was made for Namalsk crisis mission , not specifically " Stalker" , so it does lack most the great Stalker features.  However, they forgot to include a ns_fractions pbo in the mod itself, or the missions made by Nightstalkers do not recognize one being there.

 So THIS mod link, works great!
Anomalies work , bolts do detect them/set them off.  Detector works for anomalies and radiation.
Zombied Stalkers sometimes " bug out" when dead, they stop attacking and just keep walking, i don't know why.
Medkits and Anti-rads work.

Bloodsucker is a bastard though.  Much tougher than the actual Stalker game bloodsuckers.

 Dissapointed in no Snorks.  
 Blind dogs aren't that bad.

 I wish they hadn't " separated" the Stalker factions onto different "sides".  This plays havoc when trying to set up a multifaction, MP playing sandbox.  They ALL should have been in neutral faction, or independent.  

 Things STALKER MOD DEV lacks:

- No Trader functions.
 -Artifacts don't do anything.
- No GUI for health/radiation at least.

 Things I can't get to work with STALKER MOD DEV-  
- RSP survival mod.
- any flashlight mods or scripts.
- Any GUI at all.