RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v6.11d (25.12.2020)

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RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v6.11d (25.12.2020)

This post was updated on .
Zeds are back :)
Since long time I wanted to update the old Namalsk DayzSP FACTIONS version

This day has come and thats was a long way to fix all this mod :)
So, this version still have, cuz I had too much problems with, i decided to work on this version

- gearGui 1.88 merged
- SpawnAi system of chernarus1987

- Same zeds armors values of Chernarus mod

- Radiations:
    - added differents zones (size differs) who emit radiations in accordance of original Namalsk map
    - new "Radiation" icon for dayz GUI (color is adjusted by radiation level, light green to flashy red)
    - new value in ColoredMonitor, "Irradiation" absorbed value in mGy (milliGrays), red if value is > 500mGy
    - added Geiger counter PUG1 model (CfgWeapons object), if you don't have this tool, radiation features will not activate, just take attention of "radiations road signs" and all will be ok :)
    - Geiger counter sounds
    - added "Anti-Rad" pills to reduce faster the irradiation level of the player (tablet of 2 pills max)
    - (it's a game and for the gameplay, player reduce irradiation level also without those pills)
    - "Irradition" text in ColoredMonitor switch to green color if you take anti-rad pill (alternate red/green if still > 500 mGy)
    - Blood lost detection activate the ColoredMonitor (by irradiation and time factors)
    - EVR's bring radiations when it come, so take cover inside houses, buildings to reduce rads levels
    - EVR radiations are progressivly increased (by random values) to max at final blowout effect
    - APSI dont protect you against radiations, APSI protect you for EVR finals effects (just before player become unconscious)
    - EVR script minors logics fix (entities classes around player and APSI off time after blowout)
    - obiously, radiations have effect on player health, those damages are calculated by maths
    - irradiation cause the same visuals ppEffects than loose of blood (value by maths also)
    - ObjectA2 bunker is a very safe place to protect from an EVR
    - SpawnAi conditions updated with EVR time (if EVR start no Ai or Bloodsucker will spawn)

- rscTitles.hpp minor fixes about GUI icons (fracture and radiation idc values)
- Bloodsuckers loot is updated
- player_switchModel.sqf fix player model keep the same name if differents clothes are weared
- vehDamage vars minor fix (+CfgVehicles hitParts fix) no more errors in rpt file
- player_rePosTrash.sqf updated
- Factions init file restored (now bandits spawn !... missed east center sides)
- CarsNearRoads updated (vehicles spawn with loot, loot isnt the same for each class of veh)
- hud.sqf fix (for savegames)
- minor loot chances fixes
- clothes skins values updated (added light rad_protection var. + fixed warm effects)
- skin11 and skin12 are replaced by others 3d models and side values are fixed (no more red tags for friendlies survivors now)
- GL attachment muzzle fix on AK-74 and M16 series

- New "pitch tent" system: player can show the exact position of his tent before pitch (delay:20 sec)
- Tent model follow the "normal" 3dgeometry of the terrain during the pitch anim
- DomeTent 3dmodel is rotate by +90°cw (the entrance is now at front of player)
- object_monitorGear.sqf updated for "DomeTent" (show now max. capacity of Weapons,Mags,Backpacks)
- fn_selfActions.sqf updated for tents actions (disabled "pack tent" high priority, param. is now "false")
- Tents can be inside, on roofs of houses, buildings (worldToModel command fix)
- fnc_SetPitchBankYaw function (by bapedibupa) added
- mark_MyStuff and unmark_MyStuff functions updated (now player can show on map his tents locations)

- added GUI: Geiger counter mesure (in mSv/h) just above radiation icon
- reloadHUD.sqf restored in init.sqf
- crafting with string item restored from Chernarus 1987mod
- removed itemTent from cfgMagazines in dayz_code.pbo (already in config.hpp of dayz_equip.pbo)

- init procedure
- money system (ai's drop money if killed) + weapons trader in ObjectA2
- ObjectA2_poi.sqf (added 17 objects + 4 PNJ)
- sellWeapons.sqf updated for _DZ weapons types
- selfactions.sqf updated
- small fix of useless dialogs in description.ext
- medical codes bugs fixed (about EVR, blood level calc. was calculated 2 times and others tricky things)
- ppEffects (blur effects/blood level, grain effects/radiations) (pp must be actived in Arma2 adv. graphics)
- zeds spawn system (code is simplified to max.)
- no more % chance of heli spawn by editor, new system: 3 heli spawn of each model (6 landPads)
- few commands codes fixed, player voice fix in description.ext
- cargoMagazines improved by ~x1.2 ~x1.5 for some veh and for crate_box too
- zombie_loiter.sqf updated
- local fog and wind-dust are now in functions.sqf
- savegame reload status fix
- mi8 and bmp2 wrecks loots+zeds

- init procedure
- Cheats: Vehicles spawn no more use "init_vehicle.sqf" function (already included in vehiclesetDamage.sqf)
- Siphon2.sqf and jerry_fill.sqf: added some security code to avoid lost jerrys or vars + minors fixes
- checkHUD.sqf: added (spawn2 > 0) condition to avoid error message if you wait long time at the man/women selection menu
- player_wearClothes.sqf: fixed allow to change clothes in buildings
- player_igniteFire.sqf: faster code to create/delete fire_barrels objects

- zeds and loot spawn system code fix
- zeds/ai behaviours scripts minor fixes
- zeds/loot spawn and zeds/ai behaviours scripts are sliced by 2 scripts
- fn_unitDropMoney.sqf fixed
- carsNearRoads.sqf minor fix
- "Soldiers" zeds loot: fixed wrong loot name
- syntax error in loots positions arrays of "land_marsh2", fixed
- added "dayz_skinStealth" + "dayz_skinArmor" vars for each types of clothes
- player_checkStealth.sqf updated (better stealth in buildings + snow surface detection with "snow camos" types)
- fn_damageHandler.sqf updated
- player_spawnCheck.sqf fix

- spawn_aii.sqf (ns_modules.pbo): server conditions removed (fix the "loading" freeze at start)
- moved vanilla Namalsk Bunker's objects in ObjectA2_poi.sqf with some fixes
- fn_dropLoot.sqf: fix for "SpecialWeaponsBox" object in ObjectA2
- removed additionnals zeds for bandits count variable
- loot spawn player building prox. fix (new syntax: obj distance obj)
- carsNearRoads.sqf: added angle/road limiter (-+18°)
- variables1761.sqf: dayz_skinArmor default var setted to 1 (instead of zero divider)

- Tents and vehicles spawn: random positions codes updated
- Lights in ObjectA2 (lights are not considered as "objects" or "entities" in Arma2, in this case, lights are recreated after ~10seconds after loading a savestate) 7 lights.
- H/T maths updated for "Car","Air","Moto","OpenVeh","Boat" classes
- Ai's spawn outside radZones (and dont enter radZones to check...)
- "Object A2" and "Seraja Army Base" locations have now their own parameters in SPAWN AI code
- ground fog, altitude fog, wind and dust, wind_sfx updated, intro music "ns_namalsk_coast1"
- removed repairs, siphon, flip_vehicle player actions when vehicle engine is on
- snow particles follow same direction of wind and dust
- Bloodsuckers: server checks removed
- minors code optimizations in Namalsk addons
- Increased maximum "world" temperature at best conditions of the day (3° => 7°). Curve after 12h is slightly increased too. Allow player to have better sight vision with a thermal weapon for longer time.
- Thermal/NVG weapon "L85A2_CWS_DZ" only available at weapon trader, CANT be found on loots
- "ns_tamika" NPC: restored talk ability (but this NPC isnt still activated)

--- speedDamagedVeh.sqf ----
- Softer sin/cos trajectories for "air" class
- Engine and hull damages values are calculated in real time to "simulate" a slow decrease of engine performance while engine is on
- "In real time damages engine" factors are not the same for each classes of vehicles and are dependant to the vehicle speed.
- A very damaged engine will increase the hull damage
- A damaged hull will increase the fuel consumption
- A very damaged hull break front glasses and electronic part
- Some damaged vehicle parts (change of each classes of vehicle) reduce the max speed (differents factors for each parts)
- player vehicle emit smoke if engine is too damaged
- player vehicle max speed is near 0 if engine part is removed or totaly broken.
- thoses functions can be desactivated in "1987FACTIONS_Namalsk_v608a.namalsk\fixes\player_switchModel.sqf" last lines 206 and 207: by adding //
//execVM "scripts\speedDamagedVeh.sqf";
//execVM "scripts\speedDamagedVehSmoke.sqf";

- snow/wind_fx/fog/dust removed while player is in ObjectA2 + various conditions fixes
- player_wearClothes.sqf: player cant change clothes inside ObjectA2
- ObjectA2 bunker warm player
- teamSwitch display disabled
- player_spawn_1.sqf minor fixes (removed useless building monitor function + ObjectA2 detection)
- smokeShell .rtp errors fixed

- Bloodsuckers fixed correct init.
- Fixed talks available on all Namalsk NPC's
- Added weapons possibles attachements in "Weapons Trade" menu
- "CSJ_GyroC": fixed "scope" and "side"
- Namalsk cutscene "full_intro" removed

- TentPitch minor fix
- Bloodsuckers (new AI's/player behaviour parameters)
- Radio sound in ObjectA2
- NamalskSpecialNAC loot table minor fix
- CrossBow aiming+ballistic fix (+ muzzles fix + scoped version fix + removed zeroing)
- Zeroing is also removed on all weapons exept PSO-1 weapons, ACOG weapons, LRR's, NVG/Ti weapons, RPK, PKM, M240 classes

- GSC Stalkers models (merged with inherit "Survivor2_DZ" class), 5 models active ingame.
- Hazmat outfits (green and orange models) (Orange: radProtection: 360, Green: radProtection: 320)
- NAC Experimental Outfit (radProtection: 272)
- NST Military Outfit (+ white version) (radProtection: 132)
- Hazmats and NAC exp.outfit are only buyable at weapons trader

- updated names/descriptions of new outfits from stalker game
- buyGuns.sqf fix
- bloodsuckers spawn conditions fix (player_spawn_1.sqf)
- doSomething_bloodsucker.sqf: updated + increased money loot amount (by 2x)

- added missed dayz_communityweapons.pbo of last versions

- radProtection values fix
- ppEffect minor values fix
- zeds spawn code minor update (randomized selection of _x in nearest houses array)
- zeds spawn delays values are now based to the type of location of the player
- player_spawncheck.sqf (dayz_maxLocalZombies minor fix)
- refuel/refill actions removed while ignited barrels
- "1" positive value of handlers removed from actions scripts

- added "s_moving_AI" handler (while {1==1} do {...) for "s_player_mvSafePos_AI" addAction command
- doMoveSafePosAI.sqf: Force recruted survivor to move without aiming/shoting zeds (_selectedUnit disableAI TARGET/AUTOTARGET/WEAPONAIM, _selectedUnit allowDamage false/true)
- ppEffect: radiations grainSize/intensity effects are now linked with the type of player clothes
- player_wearClothes.sqf: female character init condition fix
- Selection gender menu: female type identity fix (added "Lisa_Doe" in description.ext)
- wrong magazine name "ItemAntimet" replaced by "ItemAntiRad2" (cfgLoot.hpp)
- added "ItemAntiRad2" in cfgLoot.hpp medicals loot tables
- added some quivers/bolts entries in buildings/cfgLoot.hpp loot tables
- Weapons trader: added "Radio" and "Geiger counter" items

- missed dayz_skinArmor calc. in player_zombieAttack.sqf fixed
- fuel barrels/tanks/veh refuel/fill logics fixes (siphon2.sqf, jerry_fill.sqf, jerry_refuel.sqf)
- player can now use jerrycans for "Land_fuelstation_w"
- added player action for check fuel quantity of all tanks
- fn_selfActions.sqf fixes
- crafted crate distance is now reduced to 1m instead of 2.5m (craftingCrate.sqf)
- player can now sleep in tent object of ObjectA2
- fatigue (delay for sleep in tent) locVar added to playerstats_Epeen.sqf (round(time*100/10800))

- updated GUI: nutrition + temp. arrows (from Chernarus mod)
- player_igniteFire.sqf updated for matches (from Chernarus mod)
- matches new classes (from Chernarus mod)
- "Attachment_Sup556" added for G36 weapon
- loot tables updated for "Attachment_Sup556"
- fn_unitDropMoney.sqf updated (now money spawn with randomized value for each killed units)
- wipes.sqf updated (from Chernarus mod)
- player_useMeds.sqf updated
- loot chance code for ai's updated for jerrycans and matchboxes classes
- carsNearRoads.sqf updated (larger radius from the closest road)
- spawned backpacks on ground have loot + chance for rockets/Strela
- spawned vehicles have loot chance for rockets/Strela
- fn_selfActions.sqf updated (fixed s_player_flipveh error)
- new code for sell/buy weapons at A2 bunker (+ detailed value of total transaction)
- added "nsw_er7mm" ammo class in gunStore of A2 bunker
- removed loot for medium level of A2 bunker (where NPC's are)
- "HeliCrashNamalsk" loot table updated
- removed "fog by altitude" code (regular fog is still active by "DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf")
- "behAiZedCk" function added in "player_spawn_2.sqf" (removed @ "player_switchModel.sqf")
- "player_breath" updated (now player emit breath particles at 100m altitude, at all weather conditions)
- "dayz_altPlyr" calculated @ "fn_temperatur.sqf"
- snow fall function updated (snow intensity calculated with player altitude)

- "fn_selfActions.sqf" : _hasMatchbox code fix
- "player_igniteFire.sqf" : line 27 added "!dayz_inside" condition (chance to ignite fire increased if player inside)
- cheat gears: fixed matchbox class

- jerry_fill.sqf update
- jerry_refuel.sqf update
- Ignite Fire action fix (lines 210 211 @ fn_selfActions.sqf)
- spawn_loot.sqf (matchboxes lines fixed)
- New zeds spawn system
- Breath particles fixed on saved games
- Additional high valued loot at top of Vorkuta buildings "land_vysoky1" and "land_vysoky2" (camping sniper loot)

- New gameplay musics
- CheckHUD in "player_spawn_1.sqf"
- Fatigue timer fixed in "player_sleep.sqf"
- "playerstats_Epeen.sqf" updated

- Arma 2 AO required
- For Steam users: open launch parameters--> -mod=@DayZ_Namalsk_SP407;-nosplash -showscripterrors
- For Beta shortcut users: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" "-mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;@DayZ_Namalsk_SP407" -nosplash -showscripterrors

MAIN FILE: (1,03 Go)
PATCH FILE: (1,55 Mo)

For adjust your start gear !

Known problems:
- Ai's heli patrols crashes explosions sequences (minor script error)
- possible/rare bug: loot system can "skip" distance parameter for "Land_A_GeneralStore_01" building and delete loots near player.

Error in expression <onsLBSetFocus;
default {


if _doFilter then {
(_filterSets select IGU>
  Error position: <_doFilter then {
(_filterSets select IGU>
  Error Undefined variable in expression: _dofilter
File ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf, line 521
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.00

Hey, thanks for updating. This sounds great
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.00

This post was updated on .
Hi, just a quick update:

- fixed: now bags on loot can respawn (cycleLoot + EVR's + sleep)
- new start gear (makarov + emptybottle + bandage)
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

In reply to this post by Oliv82
Hey there fella, how can i get this to work? when i load in im in the sea with 10 units along the bottom and cant do anything? i've tried everything to try and make it work but so far im having to revert back to the older version of namalsk:/
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

Hi, mm strange, this mod is based to the old Factions Namalsk and Ive never had any problem with it

Have you extracted main files from zip to Arma2 main directory and mission file in missions folder ?

You got an error message ?
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

I cannot get it to start when I goto scenarios and choose the namalsk dayz one, it loads then just says DayZ and a little 0 on the bottom right doesn't change at all
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

In reply to this post by Oliv82
Yeah i've tried everthing i can think of, i even downloaded to older version again extracted it and overwrote the files from the new in the older files folder, and i must be getting something wrong because i dont have a missions .bpo in the missions folder just loads of other directories for .sqf? i've been trying to get it working for the past 5-6 hours with no avail lol
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

In reply to this post by Oliv82
Right, so i've managed to get it working; i've had to overwrite the old namalsk.bpo mission with the 'missions' folder in the updated version! although it does say 0.75 No AI, does that mean no friendlies or no bandits aswell, you should compile the 'missions' folder into a .bpo file for other people wanting to play as the mission didnt show up for me in the folder.. just thought id let you know what the problem was xD
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

Sorry Ive just read your message and finished my tests today, just quickfixes and gameplay adjustements

v4.04 features are listed at OP, but I checked an error in my mod, it was a missing file (description.hpp missed) this file was needed to open Solo/scenarios menu, I usualy dont use this command to test my mod
I open the map editor (ctrl+Y) and play like that

I dont know if to compact mission file to .pbo is more stable but so far I had never seen any difference
I think to be sure, you should have the "right" "Namalsk" menu at start, mine have the little "DayZ" black logo at right top of the screen

I've tested this mod on my other laptopPC (with steam installed) with no problem
The NO AI was an old version, I keeped called like this but AI's are in

In fact in each mission folder, it must be only one mission.sqm for each folder and each .pbo have their own mission.sqm
So you must do a choice to compact your mission folder to .pbo or not

I dont know, try the last update which contain the solo mission menu fix
or you can try to bypass by map editor (ctrl+Y) for me, it work fine
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

Yeah i just cant get it to work dude, i've gotten to the point where i can walk around and things but theres no DaiZy UI, loot, AI or Zombies.. im lost and confused as of what to do now aha, ill keep trying though and see if i can solve the issue! if you know how to fix let me know but if not its no worries and ill try to correct it myself, i also have the 'DayZ' logo in the top right corner with the '@Namalsk_DayZ_SP' underneath it.. ill keep at it and carry on trying though buddy:)
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

Eric the Viking
This post was updated on .
I'm having the same problem. The game starts, select the mission but for me the game just stops. I hit ALT-F4 save and exit, restart and "resume" game. I spawn in a forest in forester (lumber-jack) clothing with no gear. There's no UI and no zombies or loot.
I do have the Namalsk background showing when at the menus and the DayZ logo in the top right too.

Ok, tried your CTRL-Y trick, no change. Everything stops at the "Dayz" loading screen. A quick look in the RPT file shows the following as the last entries;

[14051,62.164,0,"XEH: PreInit Started. v1.0.1.196. MISSINIT: missionName=DaiZyNamalskSP_AI, worldName=namalsk, isMultiplayer=false, isServer=true, isDedicated=false"]

[14051,62.761,0,"XEH: PreInit Finished. CACHE DISABLED? (Disable caching with cba_cache_disable.pbo): SLX_XEH_RECOMPILE=false, CBA_COMPILE_RECOMPILE=false, CBA_FUNC_RECOMPILE=false"]

AH6X_DZ: FLIR_turret - unknown animation source FLIR_turret

AH6X_DZ: FLIR_gun - unknown animation source FLIR_gun

"[NAC AII CLIENT] :: AII client INIT."

[14263,82.402,0,"XEH: PostInit Started"]

[14263,82.422,0,"CBA_VERSIONING: cba=, "]

[14263,82.444,0,"XEH: PostInit Finished. State: _isClient=true, _isJip=false, _isDedClient=false, _isServer=true, _isDedServer=false, _playerCheckDone=true, _sp=true, _startInitDone=true, _postInitDone=true, _mpRespawn=false, _machineType=1, _sessionId=1, _level=0, _timeOut=false, _game=1, BIS_functions=L 1-1-A:1, group=L 1-1-A, player=B 1-1-B:1 (Eric), _playerType="US_Delta_Force_Undercover_Takistani06_EP1", _playerGroup=B 1-1-B"]

[14264,82.524,0.067,"CBA_VERSIONING_SERVER: cba=, "]

"DEBUG: loadscreen guard started."


Ok, used your exact command line and switches, no change - game stops at loading screen, the RPT show as last entry....

"DEBUG: loadscreen guard started."

...and there's no progress beyond that. Hitting ALT-F4 and loading the save game returns you to the forest as previously described.

Here's a screen shot of the install too...


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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

In reply to this post by Oliv82
I have this error - please help me

I have copy full file request of you
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

Eric the Viking

Did you remember to add the correct command line to your start parameters as per the bottom of Oliv82's first post?

Oliv82 wrote
- Arma 2 AO required
- For Steam users: open launch parameters --> @CBA_CO;@DayZ_Namalsk_SP" -nosplash -showscripterrors
- For Beta shortcut users: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" "-mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;@CBA_CO;@DayZ_Namalsk_SP" -nosplash -showscripterrors
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by mrhuy1003
Ive forgot something about Steam launch commands:

-mod=@CBA_CO;@DayZ_Namalsk_SP;-nosplash -showscripterrors

I hope it will be OK now...
IIt's exactly the same commands on my laptop

I think for beta way, you probably need arma2 addons files, I remember now, Ive never managed to run this mod with beta shortcut with Steam installed because Arma2 was not installed on my laptop

I checked again on my laptop, it's ok, but apparently you need to launch the game from Steam
Parameters for Steam users fixed at Opening post
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

awesome :) good work Oliv, appreciate you updating this still
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

In reply to this post by Oliv82
finally have it working! i had an error in my paramiter with it being namalsk i automatically had '-mod=@DayZ_Namalsk_SP;@NC;'

The ';@NC' was causing the error just to lumber around xD
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.04 (10.05.2016)

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Oliv82
You can tell me how to heal survival AI ?
Can I change map to cherno ?
And i want edit spaw item and bandit more , please help
P/s : i have play this mod very good , tks you support for me :D
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.03 (07.05.2016)

In reply to this post by mrhuy1003
Did you download and enable namalsk map?
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.04 (10.05.2016)

Ozzy Boy
In reply to this post by Oliv82
Is there AI cause the mission says no AI
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Re: RELEASE: DaiZy FACTIONS Namalsk v4.04 (10.05.2016)

yeah i haven't found any  AI in a few hours playing this mission
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