Origins SP - Sahrani adventure/story.

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Origins SP - Sahrani adventure/story.

How it Came to Pass -

 Well, to be quite honest, I'm one of those clueless types, whom lives in his own world.  Or I was at least, before ... all this happened.
  I'm not sure , what went down. Exactly what happened.

 Here's what I do know, and it isn't much to go on.

 My name is Bob.  I worked in insurance, as a legal consultant.  I worked 6 days a week, and drew a modest salary.  I had a wife and a small kid.  Nice moderate home, smack dab in the middle of surburbia.
  I had a 30 minute commute to work, I rode a train and took a bus to do so.
 You see, part of my "job" meant you had to play golf.  While officially it was "voluntary participation" , the bosses expected to see you on the green, silly outfit and all. This is where deals were made, business agreements solidified, and disagreements squashed.

 I hated golf, but had to put my own money into it, to remain solidly employed by our firm.  That took any money, I could to buy a car. So, Trains and Buses was how I afforded golf.

 Me, well I would fancy myself more of a rugged and wild "outdoors-man".  I had all the stuff, fishing gear, hunting equipment, camping gear.  Every holiday or vacation time, I didn't have to waste golfing, I was taking basic "survival courses" , trying to hunt or fish, or camp out.

 The annual Christmas party came about the office.  My bosses approached me with an unusual offer.
They wanted me to take a cruise.

 A "working vacation" they said.  It'd be "fun" they said.  It'd be means of a hefty promotion , if the right deal was struck.  
 I was to meet a potential client, a very wealthy one , with eccentric taste.  The client, never touched foot on land, he lived completely on the water, always by ship or boat.

 I don't know what I was thinking, but I remember agreeing to go, before I really had thought it through.

 My wife, she was pissed.  There was only one ticket.  We couldn't afford one for her, or to have our little one babysat a whole week.  I was going alone.  

 So, the day came ... I boarded the cruise ship, and it set off to exotic destination ... who-the-hell-knows where.  St. Potato?  San Quan Del'Stinky?  ... all those places sound the same to me.
  The meeting went horrible.  The client wouldn't focus on anything but super models , champagne, and shuffle board.
  Cruise ships are like hotels on water.  Nice rooms, good meals, ... but everything is boring or not too entertaining.  Bad musicians play tunes in b-flat, sing off key. Kind of "Vegas style" if you catch my meaning. There's shuffleboard. There's the open bar. Then there's more shuffle board. You can get in the pool , if you don't mind sharing it with old and saggy grandmas, whom possibly pee in the thing.

 A week, seemed like it was going to be an eternity.  I couldn't wait to go home, get fired, and look in the paper for a new job.

Day "Z"....

 Little did we know, aboard that cruise vessel what was going on back home.
 It started as reports of a viral infection. The CDC issued warnings, but no one took it very seriously.  
 In the span of two days, the virus was world wide epidemic, and all hell was breaking loose.

 We didn't know once people became infected, they started rotting, they went stark crazy mad ,and craved human flesh.
 Yeah, there were people getting sick and ill left and right on the ship too.  Most just thought it was "sea-sickness" , or maybe the shrimp had a bad case of salmonella or something.

 One morning, I woke up because the ship made a sharp turn, spilling me out of my bunk, and pitched on side hard.  When it evened out, everything went flying this way and. Lockers and cabinets opened, spilling out contents.  
 People were screaming, running down the tight hallways.

 I investigated a bit.  Discovered all the crew and workers, had jumped into life boats and fled. The Ship wasn't being steered by anyone.  It left two kinds of ... people.  Panic stricken people, and those ... "flesh eating zombies".
 I simply, locked myself in my room, and waited for the screaming to die down.

 I emerged , starving ... it had been days since I shut out the screamers.

 I don't know why, I didn't get sick. I just didn't.  

Apart from the now rotting passengers with bad tempers, I discovered I was completely alone on the ship.  No land in sight.  
 A odd sound shuddered the ship , and it stopped running.  Out of fuel.
So, ... I don't really want to get in all the gory details , but it wasn't to pleasant on the cruise ship , just drifting and pitching in the current.  I found out, you could "put down" the zombies, by bashing them in the head. A ship's fire-axe helped do that.  
My first ... was Mrs.Johnson. An elderly lady that , a bit to tipsy got a tad to "handsy" with my manhood while in the pool.  I'm fairly sure she peed on me , water got too warm all of a sudden, as she tried rubbing her lumpy, bulbous rear end on my junk.
 She shambled at me, arms stretched out, her bloody mouth wide open. She made the most horrific sounds as she did so.  In a panic, I grabbed the fire axe on the wall next to me.

* TWACK! * , the axe buried itself into her skull, she went down, twitching and then lay still.

So what happened next?

 I'm not exactly sure how long I was on that drifting ship.  80 or 90 days?  Enough time to run out of real food, what didn't spoil that is.  Enough time, to chop down those foul smelling zombies, having the ship all to myself.
 Enough time, I had to fish for my food , or be forced to eat caviar and stale crackers.  I hate caviar.

Finally though, one day I see land.  the ship had drifted close to a landmass finally.  

 Not too close, it'd be a couple of miles of hard swimming.  I couldn't take that much with me. A life jacket, my axe, and what-ever I could stuff in my pockets. Wasn't much.  
 When I jumped from the ship , my grip slipped and I dropped my axe. Down it went, to fast to grab.
With no way to get back on board , as no ladders or access was so low on the ship ... I had no choice but to swim to the distant shore.

Welcome to Sahrani.

 It was farther than I guessed, but I did manage to reach the shores of this island.
A large billboard sign, with a sun-tanning hottie read " Welcome to Sunny Sahrani!" near where I finally crawled up on the beach.
 I have no clue where this place is located.  Some sort of resort looking island, and everything is either in Spanish or Portuguese ... maybe. If it wasn't for the zombies, and infection ... it'd be  a nice place I think.

 I found a dead cop. I took his makarov side arm, his radio, and the map he had.  I grabbed a pack from a local shop, and set out looking for any "survivors".  
  At night, over the radio , a recorded broadcast is played.  It repeats it's message , in several languages.
 The message says:
" To any survivors left, those of you whom remain.  The World Health Institute , is searching desperately for the first person to be infected by the virus.  "Patient Zero" . This person, might have anti-bodies that will help make a cure and vaccine for the zombie virus.  
 If anyone discovers Patient Zero , have knowledge of such, where Patient Zero originated from, any information at all, reach us at ... use the short wave frequency ... " and it ends with , " There are pockets of civilization and survivor camps , located in safe havens all over the world. If you can make it to one of our centers, we have fod, water, and lodging, and safety from the undead.  Best of luck to all that hear this message. "

 So ... that's where I am.

 I'm fairly certain, I'm not the only survivor on this island. I have heard faint gun-shots in the distance.
But, I survived this long ...
 I might as well, continuing my search for any other living people, and if I come across anything like "Patient Zero" , maybe I'll try to do something about that.  What else have I got to lose?
 Maybe someone out there, knows where I'm at exactly ... and knows where one of these safe-zones are?

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Re: Origins SP - Sahrani adventure/story.

The quest for useful things begins.

 So, I'm stuck on Sahrani , and supplies are meager, so I set out to explore my surroundings.  I found several small villas and towns nearby. I was able to pick up a few things, some canned foods, and one soda.
 That's my biggest issue at the moment. I've not found much to drink, and it's hot.

 Zombies are not everywhere it seems , not yet anyways. They tend to stick around the villages and houses of places.   I'm guessing, what ever they did in life, or were familiar with is where they stay around. I'm not sure why.  A few will wander away , but if left alone they will meander back to where they started.
 There seems to be quite a variety of of them.  I don't think, they can see very well, but seem to have excellent hearing, or possibly a great sense of smell.
Most shamble along at a slow walk, some even remaining stationary looking around.  Even if aggravated, they walk towards any noise I make passing by.
 Occasionally, I will see what I call "monkeys" , these types travel in a crouch, more hopping along like  a chimpanzee.
 Every great once in a while, I'll come across a "freshy" ... a zombie that can still run.  Those are the scariest.  They will chase me a long time, unless I lose them in a building, or break thier line of sight.
 I've started calling them by how they appear.  
 "Grey-Skins" , ashen and pale, with black ooze dripping from thier mouths.
 " Regulars" , bloody and dressed in bright clothing, poor people, that had obviously been bitten and died from it.
 " The masked ones" ... I've ran across a couple of these, they carry hatchets and have some sort of protective mask on thier faces.  I assume, they tried combating the zombies when the shit hit the fan. They died of course , just how they are.
 " Clubbers" zombies that carry thier arm around, swinging it like a club.  
I'm sure there are more types out there.

 Which, they all seem about the same to me.  I wonder, if I ran across "Patient Zero" if I'd even know it from any of the others.

 As I was traveling around , searching for supplies, I did stumble onto something ... first I was amazed, as the sighns on the fences was in English.  I assume I ran into either a old US military base, or maybe  a british one ...
The Sighn and fence.

 This was a blessing in a way.  I found some nicer weapons , not much ammo , but nicer things.
I picked up a hand held crossbow, a M4 with a grenade launcher under.  No grenades , good thing to ... I don't really know how to use em. Only a couple of magazines worth of ammo though.  I discovered an MP5 with one mag, a slightly bigger pack.
I hung onto my little trusty makarov ... but I'm running low on ammo due to close calls with some of the running zombies.  Just a few bullets left in it.  Hopefully enough.

 On my way out after scouring the place , I came across an abandoned Humvee with a mounted machine gun.  I guesstimated and marked it's location on my map.  I stashed my new MP5 in it, as I needed the room in case I found other things.  Keys were still in it , it's banged up badly.  Needs a few wheels , all the glass is shattered out of it.  
 Nearby I found a fuel tank and engine parts and  a toolbox.  I was able to repair some of it, it runs now, just will not roll for lack of three wheels. Not much petrol in it either.
 But , it will at least be there, when I do find some wheels and maybe a gas can or something.  Kinda be a nice ride.  Had ammo for it's gun to. Might come in handy , if hordes of zombies are near.  

 Now if I could just, find something more to drink ... I'd say my luck is changing for the good.

As I left the Military compound.
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Re: Origins SP - Sahrani adventure/story.

In reply to this post by benevolentdevil
Goals for the day:

 So I finally figured out where I was roughly on my map.  I still lack a compass, but I was able to poiece together landmarks to discover my rough location.
 I decided to try my luck going to Paraiso , the largest city nearby.  

The Map study.

The Trip to Paraiso

On my way to Paraiso , I took a gamble searching a small complex of apartments.  I was in desperate need of something to drink.  I searched high and low , and finally discovered a water bottle hidden under a bed in an apartment.  Oh, how good that stale water tasted!
 Next on my way ... I fought like crazy to find some way to re-fill my bottle.  Non of the wells I came across, seemed to be operational.
 I passed a tobacco farm , and noticed a water tower ... I knew the residents of Sahrani had to drink, get water for thier crops ... so i climbed up the small tower, and YES! Water!  Now I've pretty much figured out how to stay hydrated ... I'd like to have another water bottle, but beggars can't be choosers.

 I made it to Paraiso with-out much incident.  
Other than the zombies, it has been eerily quiet around ...
 The Sign just outside the city , a real estate sign ... in english no doubt.  I wonder what the investors think about the zombie apocalypse, and thier time-shares lost.  

the real estate add

 It did make me wonder ... if back home, in the USA ... if my wife and kid are alive an dwell, if they got out or got to a survivor camp in time ... I tried not to dwell there, no time to be sad or angry , now I got water ... it's time to find some wheels for my Humvee.

 Pariso and beyond just a bit :

 It was a big city.  Not much in though.  All the shops I found were boarded up, just apartments, villas, and cabanas were open.  The big church was boarded up tight.  
 However, there were two industrial areas ...
YES!  So ... right off exploring the first one, I found a wheel.  In the same building, I also found an axe which I needed.
  The next set of industrial buildings , I discovered two fuel containers , some scrap metal , and another wheel. The gas cans were full, thankfully.  I didn't have enough room to carry everything at once , so I marked the location of the second wheel , and headed back towards the humvee.  
 Along the way, I examined somewhat of a junkyard ... low and behold , there was a zombie "mechanic" , holding a wrench, ... I buried my axe in his head.  Kind of creeped me out , he was bent over, looking as if he was trying to fix the wrecked cars.  
 The Mechanic Zombie

Took some time to fix up the humvee:

 I did some repairs, the scrap metal helped seal up the busted frame , got the first wheel on , only two more needed ... the wheel that was already on it, is a bit low, but I think if I get the other two tires on , it should drive just fine until I can find another.
 I dumped all the gas I could into it.  Got me a a bit over a quarter tank , more than I expected!

 Previously I already patched the fuel lines so they didn't leak, and replaced some engine parts.  Good thing I paid attention in shop class , though I'm really not much of a mechanic to speak of.  
Now , I knew where one wheel was , I didn't look forward to the long trek back to Paraiso , but I was eager to get the wheel and try to get this humvee derivable!  
Back to Paraiso industrial.

 The trip went un-eventful, I stopped along the way to drink and refill my water bottle again.  
Looking at my watch, it's late in the evening ... I'm not exactly sure what time it gets dark.   Luckily I found a flashlight, it has weak batteries, but will do in a pinch I think.  I have some flares , and a pack of chemlights just in case.  
 I've not spent a night yet, on the mainland ... just my first night on the beach.  I know by listening, more zombies come out at night , once the sun goes down.  I'd really like to get the wheel at least, and back before it gets dark.
 I got the wheel, and looked at my watch.  I can't tell if the sun is setting or if the clouds are blocking it currently.  
 But I took a gamble, and went an explored the airfield north of Paraiso.
 I came out fairly good , there was a military section there, I picked up an m4 ... I liked it better than the m16 , and I got a few more magazines. I found a silenced m9 , which I traded my makarov for.  Was almost out of ammo for the makarov anyways.  It served me well, but was time to upgrade a bit.
 I also found  a glock with a flashlight attached.  More light when it gets dark.

I made note , there was a couple windshield repair kits , and glass packs in another building.  
maybe, if I get the humvee running I'll swing buy and pick em up.  I don't care the windows are busted out ... but, well , once I'm driving it ... some windows between me and zombies might do some good.

Wrapping things up for the evening:

 I made it back to the humvee ...

 There's another survivor somewhere out there ... he speaks english somewhat.  He keeps saying he's lost , ... ha! I'm lost too technically.  With-out a location to go look, I have no clue where to start looking. This is  a big place.  Could be anywhere.  It' d be nice, to run across another living survivor though.

 But I made it back to the humvee , got the wheel on.   Just one more.  One more elusive wheel , and I can finally drive around, no more walking and running!  There's one port city far south on my map from my location.  I'm hoping it has some industrial to look in , hope I can find a wheel.
 Once I get some wheels ...
Then it'll be time to head to the bigger part of the island , and hopefully find  a place to make a camp or fortified base.

 The Humvee I discovered abandoned.

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Re: Origins SP - Sahrani adventure/story.

It only took all day, and entire search of the south island:

Finally got that wheel. First fix and drive off.

 I searched high and low, all over ... discovered the last industrial area hidden away in a small town I didn't expect one to be.  A wheel was right on th eground floor, by the entrance.
I snatched it up, and bolted for the location of the humvee.

 Just in time too, sun was setting by the time I got the parts on.

 I drove it around in circles , doing "doughnuts" I was so happy to finally have a ride!

 Before I lost all light, I did run to a military area I noticed earlier.  I found more ammo for my m4, I found a m14 , no ammo ... but since I hadn't seen that yet, figured it be better to take one , worry about ammo later.  Also picked up a mini-Uzi , it's silenced , looks to take mp5 mags.  Not sure if it's a decent gun or not, but ... well, I found a Mega pack laying nearby, so why not cart a few more guns back to the humvee right?

 So I drove off, into the sunset ...
Found a working refueling station ...
 Not sure where to go exactly , but I'm gonna find some place near the coast again, make a small camp, sleep in the humvee I guess.
 I got some raw bacon to cook and eat up.  Looks to be a long night ahead of me.  

Burn Rubber!  Looking for a station ...
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Re: Origins SP - Sahrani adventure/story.

In reply to this post by benevolentdevil
What to do now?

 I never actually thought, I'd make it this far.  
So excited I got a working vehicle, I got a few guns ... basic supplies.

 I know I need to head to the mainland, the larger part of the island.  Everything looks deserted and abandoned here.  Other than Zombies, I've seen no sign of life.

 A plea over the radio from another survivor for me to find him, I don't know the location he spoke of, so I was no help.  I think he died, pretty sure he died.

 Another survivor, later offered his location.  I want to find others, but I am also skeptical.  What if it's  a trap, some others just trying to take what little survival gear I have?  
  I don't know though.  It is lonely out here, with only rabbits and zombies to talk to.

 We shall see.
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Re: Origins SP - Sahrani adventure/story.

In reply to this post by benevolentdevil
Time to reflect ...

 As the sun sets fully, and I sit enjoying my fresh bacon , I decided to go over my collected inventory I've stashed in the humvee.  

 I will say this much, most of what I learned from guns , I learned by reading books and watching videos.  The Hollywood actors in movies, make it seem so easy ... and yet ... it isn't as easy as it looks.
  I lack any real "formal training" , and am only vaguely familliar with a few models of guns.

Because of a few survival courses I went on, I got some range time with AR15s , and my brother was a cop , so I did shoot his pistols, shotgun, and mp5 at times.
 From what I can tell, the m4 I picked up operates the same as the ar15, it just has a full auto feature.  

 But ... I can say, aiming a gun and hitting exactly where you want to always, especially when under stress , like zombies closing in around you, when cornered ... isn't as easy as it looks.  

 Some of the extra guns I picked up, simply was because they were there.  I have no idea how long I need to survive , or how long my m4 bullets will last.  I thought, anything might be better than nothing, even though I really don't know how to use them.  

 The machine gun on top of the humvee ... it's full of ammo, but again ... I'm not familiar with it, and to be honest scared to use it, unless it's an emergency, and a have to thing.  

 Other than bits of weapons and ammo ... I've focused on basic supplies quite a bit more.  
I don't know, after my last water scare, I've became paranoid about running out of food and drink.   I'd really like to find some sort of useful shelter ... I've been at several ruins that would offer some protection  I think, but would be nice having something that would keep me dry and my stuff dry , as well.

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Re: Origins SP - Sahrani adventure/story.

Woes in the Dark -

 It was dark, had my flashlight on, and carrying a blue chemlight ... I hopped out of my humvee, to check some barns nearby ... I heard and could see zombie eyes glowing in the dark around the area.

 Wasn't much in the barns , as I stepped out though ... a heard a loud "snap" near me , ... next thing I know, I fall over unconscious. I just blacked out ...

 I came to, severely hurt, and bleeding ... two zombies were on me, eating on my legs.
I tried to shake them off, and roll over to get up on my feet ...
 As I rose up, I heard the gun shot ... it was danger close ...


 So now, I'm looking down on my body.  I can see clearly as if it was daylight, my poor half eaten, bloody body, and a strange woman ... a bandit I assume, picking my supplies out of my backpack.

 Strangely enough ... I can't seem to care.  I feel as if I am floating up , the death scene before me getting smaller as I go up farther away ...
 A light shines down on me ... I feel peace , I hear my wife's voice calling to me from above ...


 Bob was slain 3 days after arrival on Sahrani Island , shot by an unknown female bandit armed with an ak74u.  
Poor Bob, didn't even see her in the darkness, she had stayed out of his light , caught him completely unaware.

 Thus ends the tale of Bob and his survival adventure.