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Olive's Wasteland1987 mod/mission request-

 Original found here:
No Zombies "wasteland" by Olive.

 - Before I get to the requesting portion , I just wanted to say, despite a few annoyances and aggravating things, this mod out of all the DaiZy Sp mods on here, is the one I have enjoyed the most.  Olive did a decent job creating this one.  

 Ok, that out of the way ...  
My first "request" again , is to fix the water/food consumption to run at least half as slow as it currently runs.  While it's not a huge game-breaking thing ... it is very "spammy" , especially with drinks.  

Second request - Bandits will shoot at you, with-out killing any ... I just witnessed this firsthand, standing on to of the roof of fire station in Cherno , female bandit came around the corner, raised her winchester up at me, and fired twice, then ran for cover.  I was a fresh spawn-in.  
  Now, I don't mind if bandits always target you ... I just thought since it was mentioned, you had a tiny bit of leeway on them at first.

Third Request- Friendly Ai you recruit or joins you ... they need some way to re-arm and be able to use better weapons. I've tried radio commands, placing items in thier packs , ... nothing seems to work there for me anyways.

 4rth request - Civy interaction ... maybe I've never raised my rep up enough ... but it'd be nice to be able to heal civies, talk to them ...  even find out what your current standing is with them.  Maybe some even offer you a Job/mission to do ... like place a bounty on a bandit located at "X-Y-Z"? Or the "town" needs "5 food, 2 drinks, 3 bandages, and a feulcan" ...
  Civies also should not be holding you accountable for Civilians dropping off roofs and killing themselves, getting run over by the drunk Ai drivers, ... and while playing, I've noticed many spawn in vehicles, the vehicle will despawn and they are "hurt" , running away to who-knows-where. I'm pretty sure that's a bug.

 5th request ... some light end, easy to include, easy to script form of "base building"  ...
 The idea isn't about actually defending your "base", but including a way to immerse yourself into the mission.  Ability to provide your own small area , a place to store up your goods, park your vehicles , keep your tents and fireplaces "secure" ...
 It's not a huge "need" , but just gives something extra to do and work towards.  
( of course, an alternative I suppose is to find an empty house in a town, and take up residence ... pretending you are now part of that town. )

6th request -  Add in the zeroBuildings addons from dayz latest update.  ;)  ( I did, it opens up many more buildings, much nicer atmosphere.)

 and lastly ...  it would be nice to have some briefing on the over-all mission ... or a plot to work off of.
 As it stands, you are thrust into Chernarus , expected to "survive" ...  with little to no indication of who your enemies are, what's going on ... what to expect.   There's nothing saying what use the reputation system is, the penalty for killing civvies ... , what happens if you change clothes, how reputation effects the factions or civies ...
 You don't get any of that, you are just dumped in via a randomish spawn , and expected to survive ... and figure out the rep system , or killing on civvy means being branded a bandit, hated by all factions from there on out ...
 I suppose plot/story wise, we can make up our own ... , but I'd still like to have somewhat an explanation of the reputation system on the map notes or briefing notes.

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Re: Olive's Wasteland1987 mod/mission request-

7th request -  female starting character option for female players.  
( reading Rachel's post reminded me of that. )