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Now this would have been fun ...

AlienZ instead of infected ..., this is part 1, watch 1 &2 ...

 2015 ... wow years I played epoch, and never knew this was out there ...

 I can see easily , why it would have floundered back then ...  everyone was in the "over-poch" craze, PvP already took it's hold ...

 Sad though, in my opinion this "style" never gained enough popularity or support.

 It's epoch , but a big reduction on many things Epoch offered.  It's more "old school" epoch, or was , from watching BRT's videos on it as well.

  While this mod , would be better suited for PvE & RP , with a LIGHT PvP element ... too bad it died, and the creator was yet again another stingy " It's my code, Not sharing." type.
  ( Thats one of the things that absolutely pisses me off on Arma2, cool stuff disintegrates when stingy folks keep ahold of something, then drop the game later on. )

 I think what this guy showcases , some I could have done with-out ... the skins for one, and the gundam like craft ... , while neat to see ... those wouldn't be things I'd want in the actual play.
( In BRT's videos, I seen on th eplay list after watching number two, the AlienZ/Epoch mod was moved over to Chenarus , I think some of the "extras" shown in the first videos, was removed. )

 However, I've always liked the AlienZ mod ... I wish Icebreaker had added more content to the aliens side, and I think just having the alien "zombies" a bit light ... Ai missions should have had Armed Zetaborns ... the ships should have been dangerous to be near.

 I could easily see such, like I said mostly a PVE and RP based "survival" ... after-all,  unlike an Infection outbreak, or aftermath of zombie apocalypse ... , Alien Invasion speaks more there's probably an unlimited amount of aliens "out there" , waves could come at any time.  Humanity would suffer more/go extinct , if they didn't put differences aside, and band together to fight off such.
  While "assuming" , in the case of "zombies/infected" ... there would be a finite amount of those, eventually it'd come to an end ... even if humans fought each other during and shortly afterwards, it does stand reason enough would survive, extinction would be held off anyways.

I've played around with the AlienZ mod enough to know, some of those Zetaborns are quite OP.  Their energy rifles are very OP ... the only "saving grace" about them in the hands of a player, they are very inaccurate to spam shots with, and have a fixed "crosshair" scope, no zoom, no zeroing ...
  The tanks are buggy though , one flips over easily ... one of the ships I think doesn't work correctly if I recall right.  It flies , but I only remember one was "better" than the other to fly ...  the "mother ships" are very weird  ... and I don't know, some Zetaborns seem to be able to take quite a few shots even from heavier ammo before they go down.  Which makes it hard to single Player them at times.  
They do "aim-bot" with those OP rifles quite a bit.  
To me it'd make for some challenging game play I suppose.  

  I really wish, I had a decent "survival" base system to work off of, and some sort of in game base placement type things.  Because "surviving" during an Alien Occupation , I think would be far more interesting theme.