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Need Advice on scripted feature ...

 Let's say ... I'm not using Chenarus , but a map like takistan ...
 I do not think I've seen "radio towers" in Takistan , what to use for Transmissions?

 I wan't some sort of "radio loop" that transmits from a tower/location/object,that does coded messages . But you have to :
1- have a radio , and
2- be "close enough" a weak signal can be picked up.
 I was thinking ... Morse Code , which players would have to "decode" , and hope they get right or close to it for informations.  

 Information might bring them to a special hidden stash , or supply drop.
 It could be an Informant , or Location of a bandit/Rebel leader and goons ...
or locations ( coordinates) of some random events ...

 what would be the best way to set this up? }

 I know Triggers to fire off the needed scripts ... but ho wto display Morse code , is it possible something in Arma2 "beeps in Morse code"?  
 OR a Flashing Light, say on a tower or building ( or placed) can only be seen at night, for second part of a code?  Can one "force" lights to flash in "code"?