Lets "craft" a daizy mission/mod ...

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Lets "craft" a daizy mission/mod ...

It seems our friend Klaycuss  ( Dmitri) , has uber talent regarding Daizy or dayz Single player.  

 I've had DayB Gold edition quite a while ...  it's ok in my opinion.  

 I've been playing with his Origns Lite SP  here lately , it's pretty good.  I've been enjoying it, and it can be played on many maps. ( I might go back and try Taviana again, my first couple spawn ins wasn't great there.)

 With such talent , Klaycuss has made mods/missions, or converted them to add in some amazing things, but it's done in the style ( fashion) , he finds challenging and fun.  
  I think some go  a bit over-board on AI enemies myself.  

 So, I was thinking ... why not put together a list of request, maybe if Klaycuss had ideas to work with, he could figure out how to make it?

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Re: Lets "craft" a daizy mission/mod ...

- My biggest request ... modular building , where you can construct a nice base area.  
My greatest enjoyment of EPOCH was designing bases, from simple to grand scale ones.  
 ( What I didn't like about Epoch , was base degrading , too many easy-to-get military vehicles )

- including Klaycuss' pre-mission menu, controling zombies, loots spawns, time, ect.
-including the nice automatic FPS boosting capability for those of us with lower end computers.

- Interesting "zombies" , I like zombies from Land of the Dead , and Origins Zombies. I dislike "normal dayz infected" , they look like crap.
 ( I also prefer all my zombies to "walk" , I can play with fast Zombies ... I just generally prefer them walking/slow for immersion.  I want zombie-survival, not 28 Days later "infected" ).

 - Ability to remove all helicopter patrol AI.  
- No AI spawning right on top of you. ( so annoying to get blindsided )

- Make all wells be able to drink from, or fill canteens at no matter the map.  

- More enterable buildings , ...(  I think it was Napf I enjoyed the most in my epoch/overpoch days, it had loads of enterable buildings, killhouses , very few houses/buildings you couldn't get into. )

- More "crafting" , like the wood tents from Origins.  Or craft a tent if got right materials from cloth/poles or something.  Be able to make splints for broken bones.
-Self Bloodbag
- More Antibiotic and Morphine spawns.  

- Weapon enhancements :  Ability to add scopes, and flashlights to weapons. ( I really want the Origins crossbows, with a scope! ) , the SKS and Kar98 really need some scopes too!

- Backpacks , I like the backpacks from DayB Gold and Origins Lite so far, you are alone SP wise ... you need the extra cargo space.