If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

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If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

 Ok you will need a few things :

 1-  Armaholic Downloads.
 - CBA for your Arma 2 , ( exapmle I have Operation Arrowhead, so I use CBA_OA ).
 - and MGB Creationism found HERE.

2- a way to De-PBO , or unpack the Mission files.
3- Notepad++ text editor.


 Now you got that far ... be very careful when dealing with files.   make Temporary files and use copies of original files so in case you mess something up, you got an original ( default) back up.

 Just rename the "copies" to something other than the original files.

 Find and locate your DaiZY "copy" , de-pbo it.  ( De-PBO means extracting files so it can be edited. ) Once extracted , move it all to your Documents, where it saves your games. ( Mine is located in Other Profiles ).
 Also in another temp folder , de-PBO the MGB Creationism if you need to.

 Start up Arma2. Make sure to ENABLE MGB Creation addon, and CBA Addon that you use. Of course
your DaiZy mod addon that you use as well.

 Open editor to the map you play DaiZy on.  ( I assume Chernarus at this point.)
 Click on Load.
 Find the DaiZy Mission you play , and open it in editor.  Place down two things located in MODULES.
 place down a Function Module somewhere on the map.
 Them Place down a MGB Function Module from the list.  

 Then Save as SinglePlayer mission.  

 Go to Singleplayer, Scenarios and look for your new DaiZy Mission.  ( I would rename that copy something like "DaiZy_Building_test", or My DAiZy. This helps keep it from conflicting with original DaiZy mission, and helps in case you messed something up to remove and redo. )
  Run Mission ... once you load up , you should have access to a menu that allows you to build somewhat
neat modular bases.   It's not as easy to use as epoch, wasn't ever finished ... if you make a mistake in building , you cannot remove it... you are stuck with it. SO take care when building.

 These "parts" cost money ... but you get 20,ooo money to buy building with.  
 (If you have to De-PBO the MGB Creation files, ... you can change how much money you get by editing the variable in the INIT file of MGB., re-pack that , and it'll change how much you start with.  So you
can change 20k to 100k if you want.  
 For more advanced users/mission makers ... changing the actual variable to the variable you use for
money/currency in game, allows you to use your custom money values , but you will need to edit the
 PURCHASE scripts to change this variable too. )  

 20k is more than enough for one person SP game.  You can make a really HUGE base with that, or several smaller bases in it.  Or many little "cabins" ...ect.  

 MGB does add in where you can "buy" weapons , ect  by purchasing a ammo box in your base.  
   I think just about everyone uses the "0"-"0" , magic box cheat included, or Loki's Lost Key addon anyways ... so , not a big deal.  Use it to get good weapon/gear if you want ... or ignore for a legit

 MGB buildings are also DESTRUCTABLE -  Heavy LMGS ( like a M2 ) will damage walls, ect.  Mines, IEDs, satchel charges will blow these up.  I've not had a Zombie break a wall yet... I think it -could- be possible

 No way to "lock doors/gates" ... but it's SP ... no worries right?

 Building has some "snap" to it ... it's not too advanced takes a bit to get used to, and doesn't always work right.
 It works simpler than EPOCH/Overpoch base building.  

 It's best if you grab up lots of food and drink ,and head somewhere zombie/AI free ... and practice alot on building/designing to get what you desire out of it.
 Because you are gonna mess it up, and once something is there, you can't remove it.

 It's not "perfect" ... but hey, it gives some form of "bases" other than just tents and wire fences.

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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

Here's a test build I did when adding this MGB to my own Stalker Mini Sandbox mission:
( I hadn't added it to DaiZy yet, but same exact principle )

The Finished product.

View From the Side

Doors open/close, just to show ,I'm inside the small base looking out.

Shot of the placing of objects down.

How I started it.  Probably not the best way to start... but it worked.

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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

Howdy benevolentdevil,

I've been playing the DayZ mod for way too many years to think about and I finally decided to do the DaiZy SP Mod.
First, I want to say many thanks to all those who has put the time into keeping this DaiZy SP Mod alive. Just wish I knew more to do with the in-depth programming to contribute. Oh well, I'm still having fun...
Below is what I have come up with as a good for me, have fun, no AI, kick back, drink beer & kill Zeds Daizy SP Mod. My SP Mod works pretty good, but it has its runtime stops/hesitations sometimes while playing it. Especially after I added the "retextured" mod.
But, I would like to add some kind of base building to the SP Mod I already have that is listed below.
I have the MGB Creationism mod downloaded (@MGBcreations), but can't seem to add it to my current SP Mod pathway listed below and make it work.
Do you have any suggestions on how to add Base Building to my current SP Mod?
Any help would be appreciated.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" -beta=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion -nosplash -skipIntro -mod=@DaiZy;@Kron;-mod=@DayZX;@CBA_CO;@LostKey;@chernarus_retextured

Then after I get this SP Mod going good, I want to somehow do it as a MP so my friends can join in my fun.
I'm still working on a Tavi SP mod. Having issues getting the No AI mod working properly yet.

Thank you & have a Great Day/Night.

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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

This post was updated on .
You have to edit the mission and place a MGB Module ( f7 ) into the map somewhere.

 By that I mean inside the editor. Which means you need a raw mission, or de-PBO an already saved/packed mission ...

 I did not do this with a  full DaiZy mission myself, I only theoretically thought it would work. ( or someone a bit more dayz code savvy/mission making savvy figure out an post how to get it operational. )
 I think many issues stem form DayZ code does a "character switch" when loading characters ... since it's not the actual original model placed down in editor, messes with what scripts/codes are attached.  
  I don't know how to get around that to be honest.

 Since I was able to use MGB Creationism with the Stalker Development Mod, I just assumed you could "plug and play" the same with the DaiZy code mods.
  But I just do not know.

 I can't seem to force a DaiZY mission to work if I edit one, or try building one from scratch as others have done here.
 It will run a mission, but things don't spawn properly ... characters don't switch at the start , or anything worth while beyond just having the code open to spawn stuff to make basically staged machima like "movie" snippets with clever camera use by editor use.

  I like DaiZy for one reason and one reason only ... I can play a form of ( severely outdated of course) dayz depending on the type of missions made by others here regardless if my internet is down or my ISP bandwith is crappy.  
 But there are things I despise about DaiZy SP code and the normal DayZ codes -  and it all stems from being absolutely non-coder friendly.  The way it's put together, means you get either SP from this forum, or you must have a server that also runs a database for the Multiplayer type.  

 Which I think , something in between the two forms , should be possible ... but is beyond my capability to do.  
 I've played several of the missions and mods here ... and my favorites are the ones that do not have zombies in them, but factions of NPCs/AI to combat and survive against.
 But, you can't build bases in them ... well, you can make camps in most of them ... but that doesn't really seem like much of an accomplishment to my eyes.  A few Tents and barbed wire with a few tank traps ... if a far cry from a "base", a fortified area you designed and placed down to your liking.
 Secondly ... Sp is fine , but I wanted something where I could LAN play or at least small 3-4 man "group" up and Co-OP play in these non-Zed missions made.
 Lack of other players playing, means it eventually gets boring and "lifeless" ... you do not even get the "entertainment" factor of others playing, putting in thier input, trying to be tactical , working together ... or just messing around and having fun. < None of the above has anything to do with PvP aspects like a "regular" DayZ server is over-abundant with.  

 Olive on here made one that was called "wasteland1987" ... which really has nothing to do with "wasteland mods/Missions of the TvT Coop like warefare missions" that were popular ...
 It's basically DayZ minus zeds , but you have bandit AI and patrols, and a lot going on other than surviving "infected".   It's a great Sp mission where it's only "draw back" is ... well , it's SP only.
 There's also a money system he included, and traders ... ( some did not work though) ...  
 I thought that mission would have been PERFECT for small group Co-Op , but sadly ... DaiZy code simply isn't able to support multi-player , even adding extra player slots editing the mission ... it simply doesn't work.

 I like SP for my own play experience ... but it also gets dull.  There's no one to Co-OP with, share the experience of it all.  It's a "dry play" , and eventually all DayZ becomes is a "rinse and repeat" game mode ...
- spawn in, collect loots.
- Attain a tent or two, a vehicle ... fix em up.
- Go somewhere set up a base camp.
- Loot more until stocked up.  
....  then what???
- You reached "end game" basically ... there's not much more to do or accomplish. Just dragging out the "survival" , how long you can last.  In order to get challenged again ... you simply go get killed/die and start over the process.  < Thats the BEST that DaiZy offers in my opinion.

 If your the type of player/personality thats easily amused/entertained ... I suppose thats all one "needs".  
 I get tired of the rinse and repeat , and I thought actual Base building would at least "extend" playability of the mods.  My "theory" was at least, you'd have something more to work on, improve or repair even ...
But sadly ... dayz and daizy codes are sooo ... "locked down" to specific play modes , not very configurable from a user end ... with-out extensive coding/bis/dayz coding mastery ... you can only do so much, and get so much out of it.  

 I can make the MGB-C system work with any arma2 OA mission outside of DayZ or DaiZy ... though it's not exactly a "perfect" system either ... it has it's flaws and drawbacks.  
 It pre-dated Epoch building system and DayZ base building just so you know, and was "offered" by the creator with the Military "vision" of using it for Force vrs Force faction PvP/TvT play in mind.
 I myself ... can't seem to get anything to "work" if trying to edit any daizy mission though.

 I have kind of "given up" on Arma2 DaiZy/and DayZ play.  
 The whole ... " survival/Infected/Zombie" genre is dying/Dead ... and arma2 is practically in it's very last days of life. ( as I write this, a steam update on arma2 OA actually is titled " end of life update" ...

 Everyone has basically moved on to Arma3 or other games ( PUBG , SQUAD, ect ...) ... and of course Arma3 is way more "configurable" as far as the "survival genre" goes.   Arma3 is actually "old" now , been out many years ... there's even chatter about wishlist for Arma4 by famous youtube content creators going around.)
 Ravage Mod for arma3 lets you basically mak eyour own "survival" adventures/missions , SP, small group or large multiplayer ... you can have zombies, Ai, Infected, demons , ... if you wanted predators or dinosaurs ... it's possible with the right DLCs/Addons.  
 Zeus for arma3 means a player can DYNAMICALLY make a mission run/play out in real time ... which also adds to interesting one-of-akind expereinces ...  I've seen some amazing stuff on youtube because of Zeus.

  DaiZy for arma2 Oa is about "dead" , so very few doing anything with it.  

 I have even given up my project of making a STALKER "sandbox" I posted on here ...
 I got the thing set up, I rented a server for it for a month ... which I ran into two major issues with :
Issue 1- Players wouldn't download the right STALKER mods to play, apparently my STALKER DEV mod was different from the one you can get off Armaholic , and I have no idea where I got it. I had it for years and versions didn't match.  So no one but me could play it ...
and Issue 2- The server did not like the Mods either.  Mostly because it was a DayZ "server rental" , and I had to FTP my own mission and mods, but spend hours screwing with the server so it's run ... It wasn't user freindly to do it , and cost money that was just spending so no one could play ... so I just dumped the project and trashed the useless mod/mission anyways.

 I spent a year making the playable sandbox mission ... have no desire to start over or try again using the other avalible "stalker" mods that lack content and are broken/unfinished for arma2.  

 Plus Arma3 has ArmStalker ... which is a better/updated version of what I was trying to do in dead arma2 oa anyways.  

 So, I have basically given up.

 I can't force DaiZy or DayZ to do as I want it to ... Stalker was a no-go ...

best I do nowadays is just play some vanilla Arma2 oa Co-Op missions with a few Steam people when they play now.

 Which is a shame in a way ... I feel like some of the systems used for DayZ/DaiZy were better systems that enhanced play for Arma2 OA/Co ... even way better than ACE2 can give you on the player end.

 -DayZ bleeding/damage/medical system for example.
- Weapon ballistic damage depending on caliber and damage level of weapons another.
- In part the food/water system ( logistics included ), the part I didn't like ... the relentless fast-paced "draining" of unrealistic food/water consumption needs. Consumption is to "video-gamey", and way to "fast"... and even if you change values in the code, still goes way to fast.
- Working flashlights, chemlights that are BRIGHT , and road flares also ... < I though would be useful in night missions when you didn't want OP NVGS/Thermals in play.
- backpack capacities extended and more variety.
- Can carry a primary, sidearm and backpack/shoulder a back up weapon or extra weapon.
- Offered some forms of melee weaponry.
- Hunting/cooking ( again some logistics ) , fire building ... ( light and warmth.)
- Vehicle reapair system/parts.
- Some crafting of course.

  I feel that the "system" was ... "wasted" on just the DayZ Zed "survival" aspects.  It could have benifitted that, and regular "milsim" play equally ... with a all-in-one mod download , no need for this addon, that mod, + configure and tweak several addons/mods to get a beter play/expereince out of Arma2 oa/Co play ... no matter what you were going for.  

 sadly though ... makers were shortsighted, and thought thier way was the only means of using/utilizing the mods.  

 So ... I just gave up.

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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

In reply to this post by benevolentdevil
I know you might be no longer interested in this suff, but I could use some help. I am a really big fan DaiZy and i would like to have some buildings in game too. But I have a problem with installation. I followed your intructions, went to the editor, placed the modules, but the i launch it, I can build, but there are no Daizy mechanics, only base Arma 2 with buildnig. I fink the problem is with De-pbo Daizy file location. You said to place it in save files but didint specify where exactly to put them. It would be really nice if you respond and tell where exactly to put the files :)

Thank you!
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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

Vilias ...

 sorry I wasn't clear ... as far as I know, the files just need to go into the same directory as the rest of the daizy files, then re-pack the .pbo ...

 as long as the MGB module is placed in the mission file ... , if you look in MGB , there will be a readme file, that might have more information.  

 To answer you on, it doesn't load the daizy/dayz , just remains basic arma2 ... thats what I was talking about up above, ...
 Dayz/Daizy "work" by character initializing , and switches to a loaded in "unit" that runs the dayz codes.  

 THAT messes up the process adding in MGB , and I do not know "why" ... I've been stumped and aggravated myself over the same exact thing.
 Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing "works" when I edit a daizy mission ... even if I don't make any changes, and just un-pack/re-pack to look at scripts ...

 Any other "mod" , besides dayz/daizy ... all mods/addons just "work" by enabling them.  It's very simple like that.  

 I've asked here myself for help on getting daizy missions made, or edited ... and no one seems to want to impart the knowledge , if they know how.  But there's not that many of us left around here anymore either.

 I've tried 3 different "basebuilding"  codes/addons, and script routines ... and none work with Daizy at all.  
 But all will work outside of any Dayz/Daizy mod ...  so there's something in the dayz code used , that does it, but I can't find anything in the code, that makes it that way.  
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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

Hi agian,
I placed the files in daizy directory re-packed the pbo. Still there are no changes and I have the same problem. Maybe you could upload some screenshots of installation, that way i could do it step by step and maybe i wont have the problem anymore, or I could tel at what step i have problems. (I know this is a lot of work just to help a dummy like me, but i would really appreciate your effort in this) This may also help people who might come later for the mod and could solve their problems. Anyways I want to thank you allready because you responded and tried to help a dumbass like me :)
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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

 I do not think it works with dayz/daizy.  I've not found a workaround yet.

When I wrote this tutorial, I was able to add it to other semi-related missions/mods and just assumed MGB would work with Daizy the same way.

 I did get it to work somewhat in Olive's wasteland1987 no zeds version, but I had to change MGBs money variables to match the money varibles Olive used.  There's 3 or 4 places to do that in the MGB scripts.

But, it only worked so long , before messing up or crashing the game.  


However, if you are patient ( because this could take me about 6 months or more ), I'm looking at two Russian made mods that use Epoch construction in them.  The hard part is, the scripts are not documented well, and it's in cyrillic-russian , which I have to translate via google just to see what I'm looking at.

 Once I figure out HOW they added epoch construction to DayZ SP , I will RIP Epoch construction out of the EPoch mod, and modify it to work in SP.
 I will not be able to add base parts to loot tables , but what I planned on was using radio trigger  that will spawn in a crate or crates full of supplies.  
 That way, others could modify it to be able to be called near a radio tower , have it dropped via plane/chopper if they want .... or leave it default in the "cheat menu" and just spawn right in front of you ...
 But it's  a slow process , not as buggy or broken as MGB system ... ( BTW MGB needs CBA installed , you got it right? )
 anyways, we know Epoch "works" with Dayz/Daizy ... Just no one ,but our Russian friends, have successfully added it to SP missions, I have asked Epoch forums for help on it many times, and no one wants to help there.  
 So, i do it the hard way.  

 If you look at my next post here , I don't give up even when I say I give up ... hahaha.  Real Survival Pack I've had for over two years, and finally yesterday I get it to work right.  

 So, just give me time ... we'll have a better Epoch Construction system for DaiZy SP as soon as I figure out how to do it.
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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

Howdy benevolentdevil,

      Sorry I missed your February comment. I had a HD crash in January due to a mandatory windows 10 update and I lost a lot of DaiZy files that day & I never got back into it. Glad to see you haven't given up like me... Looks like I'll get back into it again.


      I have many other Zed killing/Survival games, but I seem to always divert back to the DayZ mod. I been playing it 3 months after it came out. Good luck on your DaiZy adventures. DaiZy has been a good cold weather time killer for me.
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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

Howdy Mike, I can't say I even remember what it was I was needing in feburary now, lol ... so no big deal at all.

 Yeah, I will probably always be around Dayz/Daizy for arma2 , even after I get Arma3 and the new Metro game ...

 I still see as the "potential" in arma2 was barely "tapped" into, when DayZ came out it basically curbsided most of anything else, just short of a "life server/island life, or pure real-sim groups.
 Dayz was where the "popular" went towards ... and of course, lack of imagination and further invention/development for anything beyond the scope of DayZ play ...

Though, DaiZy is a great way to pass time still I agree.  
My "problem" is, I simply do not know how to do things I want to do with Arma2, or even a DaiZy mod/mission ... , but the potential is still there I think.  
I'm learning still as well.

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Re: If you want some form of Basebuilding in DaiZy SP, not Epoch:

In reply to this post by benevolentdevil
I understand that you have a lot of problems with this mod. I think i can wait until you are finished (I am still waiting for half life3 :( ) You said you have problems with translating russian cyrilica. I speak russian( but its not my main language) and i could help you with translating.Contact me if you want any help. Anyways I wish you good luck on your work !