I "unlocked"( actually just made it appear), DayZ SP for 1.8.1

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I "unlocked"( actually just made it appear), DayZ SP for 1.8.1

 I thought I was working on latest update, I updated my mod , but can't find that version for some unknown reason ... I'll do it again when I secure the latest DayZ code.  

 Tutorial : In case ya'll wanna know ... in 1.8.1 version ( I assume 1.8."X" is going to be the same as the latest in this regard )
 STEP 1-  make a folder named "temporary" on your desktop.  ( Because you are going to copy all DayZ mod files into this folder , so you are not screwing up your original and online legal files. )
 Copy Paste all DayZ related PBO files, disregard any BISGN files. You ONLY want the .pbos.)
Find the one named dayz_code, extract it using PBO Manager or a working PBO extraction tool you have.
Open it to it's own folder.

 Open Day_Z code with PBO extraction.

 In dayz_code, there's the Configs file.  In this file look for :

rscTitles ( it's a hpp file ) I opened it with notepad.  

 scroll down or search for these lines in "class control" : ( It' s down there somewhere it was way to many lines to copy/paste on forums here to be specific. )

 class controls
                class CA_Version;
                class DAYZ_Version : CA_Version
                        idc = -1;
                        text = "DayZMod V1.8.6.1";
                        y = "(SafeZoneH + SafeZoneY) - (1 - 0.95)";
                //delete CA_TitleMainMenu;
                //delete CA_SinglePlayer;

 I commented out the bottom two lines myself.  
( delete CA_TitleMainMenu;
delete CA_SinglePlayer;  )  <<< THOSE are what "hides/locks out" DayZ mod SP in this version at least.

 Once you do this , repack the "updated" dayz_code  ( all of it ) into a PBO.  
Drag this PBO into your Temporary folder, and overwrite  when prompted.
 Go to your Arma2 OA/CO directory. ( Mine is Steam\steamapps\arma2oa )
make a NEW folder and name it @DaiZy2  , ( actually you can name it what you wish , just keep it from being confused with any other dayz or daizy mods you have. )
 Inside this folder , make another folder named :  
 Go to your temporay folder, select all, copy and paste it all to your Addons folder in your @DaiZy2 folder.

 Start up Arma2 and in expansions, select your @DaiZy2 , let it restart.
Now it will "look" like DayZ is starting up as normal ... but look close when you see the menu , to right of the Multiplayer selection, you will see a faded SINGLE PLAYER button.  
 Click Single Player , ...
 Now you can run your favorite DaiZy Missions , using "updated" dayZ ... I think.  
( I tried/tested two ... everything appeared to work "normal" as far as I could tell.  )
 Now, because of version changes ... I think some things changed , so older DaiZy missions MIGHT not be 100%.  
 Also, for "extra"  DaiZy mods like 2018, DaiZy_X, BrokenZero ( lol Breaking Zero) , Day_B ... I DOUBT will work/convert because they use more content than straight up DayZ does.

 HOWEVER ... More IMPORTANTLY ... this cracks open where you can use the editor , and make DayZ Mod Single Player missions with a updated mod.
  I think, that might ONLY work for Chernarus though ...  as I do believe all that other "code" is raw vanillia DayZ.

 Now, I will say ... this "update" isn't entirely too useful unless you are going to make new DaiZy SP missions from scratch , or TRY to extract current DaiZY missions and try to load and update them with the mod in place.  
 BUT ... if at all possible ... try to get permission from the Developer/Author before doing that. Some are so old here, and outdated, and folks moved on ... they might not ever answer back.  
At the very least, you can look and see how their "mission" was set up, and scripted ... get inspired and learn how to make your own, with what you want in it.

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Re: I "unlocked"( actually just made it appear), DayZ SP for 1.8.1

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Re: I "unlocked"( actually just made it appear), DayZ SP for 1.8.1

 Well, ... I managed to only give a SP "option" that works with the latest mod ...
 Discovered, there's more to "unlock" to get the whole "survival experience" to load up and run ...properly.

 It's alot of files and code to look in, tweak , and figure out ...

 In my original test , I was simply "previewing" already done DaiZy missions , which worked ... once each. the next time, nothing loaded properly ... even though I didn't change anything at all.  

 *shrug* ... back to the drawing board I guess.
 Arma Edit is working ... I found the correct files, but changing the code ... didn't get me any further along.

 Maybe, it's best to just stick with the older DaiZy code, until I get it figured out and sorted...