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Eric the Viking
[Figured it'd be better here in off topic]

BossMann wrote
Above wrote
BossMann wrote
Above wrote
and GTA V came out recently. A game I've been waiting for since 2013.
You're making up for all that lost time... 200 hours already (and I bet you aren't even bored) :P

And the mods, oh boy, can I not wait for addition mods. The script mods are great, but when all the custom vehicles that were made for GTA IV get ported across it is going to be modding mayhem as far as i'm concerned.
Yeah, tell me about it.

It is getting a bit repetative in singleplayer (I can't currently play GTA:O), but mods have kept it rolling. I might also start making some simpler mods for GTA later down the line. I'm already experimenting with some stuff.
I have also been messing with some mods, mostly combining and fixing native trainer modifications and such.
I'm still in the story line but LS is such a beautiful place I'd like to spend some time here...

Looking forward to mods and I fully expect Rockstar to release DLC. I must say, I've played these GTA games since GTAIII but never seen a buggier release than this PC version - never had an issue with the older games but we're up to update 5 in only two weeks. It's great to seem them on the ball but it's a weak start. I always thought they designed these on the PC for the consoles?