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 Ok so far , these are the SP mods gotten from here I enjoyed the most :
( I find this intel important to understand my ideas )

 -Daizy Mod SP vanilla of course.  This was my first one, because I was no longer able to play online after getting my job here, so I felt like my Arma2 just sat there, no more Epoch/Overpoch play.

 I tried unsuccessfully several times to make a Dayz SP myself, nothing ever worked very well. SO Daizy was a breath of fresh air for me ... even though I had never actually played/experienced vanilla Dayz while online.  The three draw backs I found to vanilla mod :
1- Lack of other players did make it a tad redundant.
2- Play became stale after setting up several small "camps/stashes" and you had enough stuff to be geared up and survive.  
3- Usually it seemed the good stuff that was in DayZ was from earlier versions than what I have ( whatever the latest one is 1.81 or something like that, not sure.) Like base crafting was removed , and the few times I tried attaining/getting earlier versions to work, BE or some other nuisance like Steam simply put a wall there , insisting files be updated and too much hassle on the user end to play.

 - Daizy 2018 SP :  OMG! Love it! It has a decent challenge to it if playing legit. ( like no Loki's Addon , lol ) I love the additions of like the bandit camp and the infected camp up far north.  It's fitting being set roughly 6 years past the original "infection outbreak" , and very well thought out.
  However ... I was a tad upset , that the bandits could make a camp and adobe houses , looked like they had years of goods and survival was prime enough , I thought ... WTF are they bandits? They don't seem to "need" anything.  Then I thought, How come I can't make my own camp as nice/lavish as that somewhere? Even an fortified adobe house would have been cool.
  The AI is somewhat "buggy" both enemies and especially the helpers you get.
If you give your allies commands, some of them will make them not participate as they should, and if you leave them default ... they shoot at everything annoyingly.  
 Enemies spawn very oddly at times ... I noticed a tendency they always spawn behind you or already flanked from your position.  I usually don't notice them ( from distance anyways ) until they start shooting.  
  I hate the "panic effect" ... not sure what it's really called, but when you take fire ( not even hit ) your character can't seem to aim for shit, breathing rapidly and heavily.  
 I thought : " Ok, been surviving for at least 6 years , and probably had MIL Training before that ... so you can't control yourself in dangerous situations all of a sudden?  Adrenaline is one thing, but going into gun swaying panic mode over a few near misses really doesn't seem appropriate.
  And it always seems to me, I wind up shooting allies before they join, or kill civilians if I spot them from a distance. There's no indicators on them to know they could be potentially friendly, and if you nail one or two of them, everyone becomes "hostile" unless you already have them in your party.

 But even so ... again once you get to a certain point, got enough stashes, got enough loot/gear/food/water ... the only thing left to do, is keep attacking the same spots killing whatever spawns in... even though you really don't "need to".  

 I found that issue in online play as well ... , build a nice base , get enough gear, the only thing to do was go hunting other players or AI missions ... even though you really didn't "need to".

 2018 SP would make a decent COOP mod, even if I can't play online. Or some form of RP like mod ( not the dumb RP Life mods with all the rules dictating your play/actions) ... at least having conversations with others would help break up some monotony.

 Lets see ...
Oh Day of Survival for Arma2 OA :

 Now it's very dated. Upsetting again , Arma3 got it's support ... and Arma 2 version sits collecting dust.
 I really, really liked the mod ... a tad different than your Zed Survival mods, but similar.
 But , like I said, it's outdated, and limited because of that alone.
Again comes a point where it becomes stale to keep playing ( alone anyways ) , AI enemies spawn almost always right on you, which is aggravating at the best of times.
Lack of any real base building also kept this from being super awesome, what it did let you craft and build ... kind of bland Arma2/tent stash area.  Not a super challenge or very "secure" even.
  What this one needed was updating, better weapons, more skins, more back packs, better AI and AI Missions ( some included missions were buggy for me , NPCS/Mission area coordinates sometimes spawned nothing , or the wrong mission , mission like fixing generators did not work, even though I had a tool box, kept saying " you need a toolbox in your inventory to do this task".

 Over all DOS SP was a breath of fresh air from the Zed/Infected mods ... more akin to playing online against players. I'm fairly sure the Coop version of it, would be very fun to play with your buddies.
 It reminded me of a SP Wasteland type of mod, just lacked all the base building you could do with Wasteland.  Though I'd rather have more of an EPOCH style building.

 Epoch and Overpoch are are OK multi-player mods.  
The big fail point to those is having to have a running database/external server ( thank you Steam for that fail point! ). I understand that was to eliminate some issues with over-scripting and too many items?  
 Still ... just like Dayz Standalone , they were designed in such a way, that trying to do or take any of the awesome parts from it, to apply to something else is a royal pain in the butt ... and even more so to enjoy it SP.  I know one dude got a SP epoch going, but it's files did not work for me, I think you still had to set up a database , create a private hive , and it was in russian.  
  Dayz Standalone ( besides the buggs ) fail points :
1- Too much intricate things that were simply annoying and not enough major needed things done/finished/fixed.
2- MP only , and no means of modding legally , so you are stuck with creator content.  
3- Unless all you do is hunt other players ... it too becomes stale after a while.

 My game mod ideas are simple.  Still really have no means of "fixing" the eventual redundancy of play/survival really.

 But I thought more of a combo of 2018 and Day of Survival would be neato! ( Both SP and Coop )
Include decent fortified base building options.  More updated weaponry ( like what overpoch can give, even if that stuff is ultra rare to discover.) More random AI missions included ( kinda like what EPoch or wasteland had, random placed missions to do, AI spawning around objectives. )
Give options menu to set some game aspects: Like if you want some friendly AI to spawn or not ( not have it forced on you).  Possibly some "friendly settlements" , Like survivor camps like the bandit camps? Maybe even have a remote chance of being attacked if you are there ( low chance , rare event)
 Maybe the NPCs can't be hurt/killed, but you can ... though that might also cause that annoying AIM BOT enemy AI tends to do as well.  
 Ignoring of even walls, shooting because to AI those trees and walls, bushes, obsticles do not exist like they do for you visually.
Updated maps too!  About the only thing I did get to work by modding, was I was able to take some epoch files, and give some updated map to Cherno , more enterable buildings, some even spawn loot ( Takistan one I tried spawned no loot, and panthera and emita did spawn loot mostly even in new buildings, but couldn't cut wood for fires from trees.)

Anyways, those are my thoughts and ideas so far.  
When I play and have more, I'll write down more and come back here and post them.

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Re: Game Mod Ideas:

Hrm since it' seems all the rage in Arma 3, how about a Ravage in Arma2 OA?

 A Wasteland SP that works , and going off Wasteland like mods :

 Instead of drag and drop base parts, loads of vehicles spawning your loot ... have more akin to Day of Survival or DayZ survival loot spawns, some traders , and some epoch like base building for wasteland SP and COOP and MP ...
 Wasteland was somewhat a fun MP death match type of mod back in the day ... but suffered when player counts dropped off to go play Dayz , lol ... and pure DM gets old fast.
 I say "epoch like building" because that was the most customizable type of building i ever experienced ... but if someone could figure out a similar but better means of "building" , I'd be all for it.

 A Wastleand like Day of Survival ( or even a Daizy like environment with infected and AI ) with some decent base building better than the original wasteland , but having to contend with AI and having to survive ... would be nice to play.