Epoch Arma2 Mod ( and possibly beyond)

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Epoch Arma2 Mod ( and possibly beyond)

 So, I was complaining to a few folks on Steam, about the current state of Arma2 DayZ and the fact I can't play online due to my crappy ISP ...

 Little did I know, one of the guys, was an original contributor to Epoch ... which I did not know was "open source" to be honest.  Not that, such means much to me ... but nice to know.  Dang, i forgot his name already, and I'm too lazy to back-track to find it ...

 Anyways, he said a few things that floored me ... and in hindsight, would have changed the way I looked at Epoch even back when I was new and noobish to DayZ , if I had realized the intent behind Epoch.

 Epoch was actually intended , not to be the KOS PvP fest it was used for ... but all the easy mode traders, and such , base building, crafting ... for Role-play enhancements.  

 But because, it was so easy to get geared, and get to combat, players just did that ...

 I found that originating Idea, ... interesting to say the least.