Dayz Commander Red Triangle Please help!

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Dayz Commander Red Triangle Please help!

So I use to play dayz singleplayer so much I loved it.. and i stopped for a while but then I wanted to pla it again so I got dayz commander back and tried to install dayz because I wanted to play namalsk release and it came up with a red triangle I did alot of researching about it but i couldent find anything please help!

Regards Jack
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Re: Dayz Commander Red Triangle Please help!

Eric the Viking
Hey jack4star,

You can download Dayz directly from here.

There are two "Dayz versions" of the Namalsk map, 0.741 which you can find here or 0.75 which you can find here. 

I'm pretty sure the Namalsk related SP mods on this forum use the 0.741 version so that's your best bet.

As for your Red Triangle, have a look here.

I just had the exact same problem, it turns out some of the CDN servers for DayzCommander are either down or have basically crashed.

What you need to do is have DayZCommander open and flush the DNS on your machine.

To do that, goto the Start Menu and type Command Prompt. Run it as an Administrator

Open DayZ Commander

In the Command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns

Now attempt to download or update one of the DayZ Mods. Every time you get the error, once again do the command. Each time you will see it will refuse from a different IP Address. keep flushing your DNS until it works, and voila! You'll be downloading DayZ
Hope that helps, if it doesn't, have a look here.