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DayZ standalone modding

The DayZ standalone server files have been released, so does anyone fancy a go at modding the standalone?

It's not straightforward, but it is easy to get started. You'll need two things:
1. The server files. In Steam, go to Library, then Tools and scroll down until you see DayZ Server
2. The ArmA 3 Tools. In Steam, go to Library > Tools and look for ArmA 3 Tools

Once the server files are installed, go to
Server: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZServer
(Your Steam folder may be in a different place)

The first thing I would do is copy all the server files to a new folder (because you're going to mess with them).

Now, in ArmA 3 Tools, run BankRev. In the top right, you'll see Add a source directory. Click that and inside the serve folder (your copy, not the original) point at addons and dta. Now click on the Process files button in the bottom right. BankRev will extract all the files into a bunch of PBO files. You can now mess with them. You'll find the files inside the addons and dta folders.

And now the hard part begins.

PS This is not an invitation to email technical questions to me. I don't know much more than you about this. In the meantime, I would recommend watching DannyDog on Twitch as he streams a lot of modding work.