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DayB Gold Edition Extended Version

Good Evening Dear players present you the five mods Included in the collection of gold.
In these mod was fixed bugs and increased Fps. Installed bots DZAI 2.2.1 Final Version.

1.DayB Original 1.5 - Fashion made Origins Map 4.0 without a lot of zombies and weapons transport robots with sophisticated level of complexity well equipped boats on the Sector B.
2.DayB Old Version -Mod based on the map chernorus has lots of transport and weapons are the bots zai no configuration menu in-game.
3.DayB 2.5 Mod based on the map chernorus has two cards of classic and modified tuning map in the game, a large number of types of weapons and vehicles well-equipped boats with a complex level of difficulty.Mod without zombies for fans of the shootings.
                                  Links to fashion.
1.DayB 2.5
2.DayB Old Version
3.DayB Original 1.5

                                              Installing mods.

1.Folder @DayZ put in the directory of the game Arma 2.
2.The mission in the missions folder which is located in the game directory.
3.dayz_code move to folder @DayZ/Addons

                                            Settings in the game it self.
game options

noon, midday, noonday

full moon

~40bots 20%peace

100% survivability

75%loot respavn loot


100%zombie normal zombie (recommend 25%)

the zombies attacking the player

fast zombies100%

card classic (recommend 3.0)

further, the rank of the player (standard) (Forester) (soldier) (expert)

The release of the final version of mods.31.12.2016
1.The construction of DayZ Epoch
2.DZMS missions version 1.1 final version
3.More friends bots.

The game menu in the game in Russian I am sorry it was not the time for translation.

In the mod there is a transport the origins of different models of equipment and weapons in all mods for the map goes bot friend you can give him commands.0-8 to know the location of the other.

Bot other can be given different commands such as to switch weapon many other teams need to press 9.

The modes have a blood transfusion, towing transport and refueling.