DaiZy 2018 - bug or ?

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DaiZy 2018 - bug or ?

Hi all !

Firstly, thanks for your amazing job developping this DaiZy standalone version; i've been working so hard to get a LAN server up and running so that i could feel "at Home" inside the game. You finally made my wish come true.

I got some questions regarding DaiZy 2018 ?

- I've been playing it for 10 hours so far and i've not yet seen "zeds" or apocalypse squads ?
- It seems to me that there are way less zombies in-town than in original Arma 2 - DayZ ?
- I'm not really realizing if bandits weaponfire do get zombies to rush them ?
- I've been around the big airport in the north and i couldn't find any aircrafts on field anywhere ?
- Finally, is there a way to modify bandits strength/skill, cause sometimes they are very very accurate from afar (died 3 times by headshot prolly, from 400 meters away)

Thanks for any answer you might be able to give me