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Customized DayZ Journey

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This is the following part from (Extended  DayZ SP Versions) in Tutorials, addons and extras thread. Here I will go in more deep on how I build and connect the maps with each other. Giving my settings, rules and topic in each location. Trying to gain some culture, different conditions and overall uniqueness to every region. And how every part depend of the rest linked together into an entireness.   
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Re: Customized DayZ Journey

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My Regions.

Chernarus is my start map. The goal here is to leave. Zombie infested and no order. Scarce of resources and lot of hostiles. Using the need of (playing as MCC) like if "We" being stranded after an misfortune advent. We built a shack base. Trying to maintain our escape. As many survivors we can recruit and take with us the better. Both Taviana and Napf accepts MCC so if I've got, say five followers. I will spawn them with MCC in the region I've heading to. I do save a character in all maps as a connect point. Tentatively at shore or in the woods (near the border). Everything have to be confirmed and gathered through the (liaison) base from Chernarus before we can leave.

Travel by sea or air from Chernarus. I do make save (extraction) sites. Like mini bases. That's my way back to the map. Then when I leave I do a "make believe" save in the air or at sea. Meaning I do travel in real. But my extraction save is my return save back to the map.

I do count on food, drink, fuel, temp etc. making my travels. If you having company you have to consider that as well. And a funny thing, off the record but, I was a bit worried only having Namalsk with significant coldness. Separatist do have a decent temp variation, so this Northern territory do add up realistically on weather.

Scarce, zeds, disarray, escape. Main goal getting as many survivors with you.

Napf is the Capital map. The one that still have some cilivized structure to it. Ongoing civil war but at the same time a somewhat working civil society. Adding a few MCC squads and patrols. Mostly friendly since the majority are hostile in (NovaMeh44). Making medium sized zones trying to focus MCC AIs in the mainland and wasteland primarily. Maybe one or two that overlaps the major cities. Like cutting a corner to the town or so. Getting the MCCs a chance getting involved in major guerrilla battles in towns.

Also building trade enclaves in this mod. Than I'm running this like (Separatist 3.0). As a MCC character. I do pull some small blocks in with "traders" that I have to visit as the Nova character (maybe by a MCC as a delivery sent) to operate with. Sent, meaning visiting the base (brief) like in Separatist. Also pulling some type of currency, like intel or trade (valuables) like Ingame and (MCC 3D) removable objects (ACE). Like a (Tent East) will give me something, not so much with a crappy AK, and so on. Maybe can do the same with small safe zones (cells). Like you trade for temporary protection. Well see. I will expand on some major (civilizing measures) in this mod. Nova also do offer a RPG turn to DayZ. That you can switch factions, and it seems that AIs in general are easier to engage with here. So I think this one really do fit a rebuild narrative, like a way back to a functional community again. A work in progress this one.

Highly densed with people, no zeds (0,1%), medium/low on loot, rebuild and restain.

A little disclaimer on ( zeds 0,1%). First time you start (New game) you'll see plenty of zeds. They can also do spawn as runners (on no runners) sometimes. Just leave that area (like 50 square meters away) and make your save elsewhere. Don't necessary go directly into the village etc. Let that be for 5 minutes or so. Then they do fade away down to 0,1% over an extra five minutes or so. And no runners left. Just a few times that happens. And they do act in an instant if they do. Not after 30 seconds or a minute. If they act like this you don't need to restart either, just outrun them. Relocate and save.  

Yep. Pretty easy using the role as MCC player when you got the hang of it. If you do build in extras like (survival camps) traders and that type. I would suggest on. Play like normal for one or two hours first. Get some drink and food first. Then find a good building or ruin etc. Save. Then start messing. You may die by dehydration else. And by hostiles finding you.

Maybe I put some pics. on it later. I have done three points now. One little bigger trader, one small. And one medium community camp. The bigger trader have guards and kind of sophisticate surroundings. Much furnitures, and little bigger (clever) spot. The smaller one has one guard. Both traders are well protected by walls and obstacles. And the community beholds 5-6 people gathered and entrenched in a back yard (within a square building complex). I and my soldier (radio operator) teammate (one) rebuilt a ruin as a base. This time I did use (Cargo Containers) as roof instead of (Big Base under Military Objects in MCC). Bit of challenge do this. You have to make sure being safe (shelter) and having something to drink before doing this. I died five times before I did that right.Not fun doing everything over again. Opphhf.

Also added a satellite dish in my base. The community got a radio mast in their yard. And the traders got some communication equipment. All areas need communication no matter what. Even if you need to find the source (up link) it has to be in the game. That is one of the key illusions in my build. Have to have that. And all do "speak" over radio, even MCCs. In Russian tho. So that's just fine.Lol. But still. Could be damn interesting if one got a mod with English transfer. Maybe you can tell what's up with stranded communities and likewise over radio then.

As I said Perma Death on this map too.And my nagging about Novas amazing AI. Yup. Wish I played in window mode on this one (snap mode). A Nova AI did lit up a camp fire when I followed him in the woods. Went crouch and pitched a fire place. Then lit it up. Totally unbelievable how the AI works in this mod. 

Will put some pics. on tweaks and solutions up later. Maybe can pull 'em up in (Screenshots and Videos) in Tutorials, addons and extras. Having this thread for describing on how I'm building my case and the playbook to it in text only. We'll see.  

I missed to check one thing in both this and Origins. If you want the whole library from the Editor. All Misc, Objects, Troops, Survival and so on. You have to add that extra (not showing up in MCC) in/trough your editor. Personally I don't feel the need for that in either of these maps. But do that first, so you know if Editor mode do work. Your in game saves do not count in an afterward edited map (Editor). You have to restart and loose your work done in MCC. Can add hours of lost work if you don't being careful doing you Editor first. Then mess around with your MCC playing the game. And save that into your edited play-map. Ok.

Sure you can save your (user save) in document elsewhere like making a copy. Always good doing that anyways. Maybe I do that (done that to all maps that's finished) and test 'em in Editor. We'll see.

Taviana coming next. The Invasion 1944 features like the crafting from that mod. Not sure on how to manage all it's features. The option to the right (see my Origins/I44) in (Extended DayZ SP Versions - Tutorials, addons and extras) do work on I44 addons, objects etc. with all type of players. But you need those statics and objects from I44. Positive you can't use that tool on normal intractable. Think the rest (except things like "Attach Bayonet") that being related to those specific weapons are exclusive for I44 units/players only. Tried the (Foxhole) with a I44 unit but no use. Have to figure that out if you want that feature in your build. Sure that (Health) in I44 also do add between I44 units only and not others. Maybe they do aid same (side) but don't think so.

You have to add an I44 playable player through MCC. Spawn a unit (man) normal like you do add units in zones. Then switch to that (man) now showing up listed in your MCC Menu 4, West, the (man/player). See this in my post about (NovaMeh44) in (Extended DayZ Versions) as well if you need to. Every friendly (man/unit, not groups) you add shows up in your player options in MCCs Menu 4.

The only thing I'm not sure do/how work being Foxhole and Health. The rest do work, sandbags and hedgehog do feature in DayZ as you know, so. And mine tested didn't work with Chemlight for some reason. He do starve, thirst, eat and drink etc. All the DayZ features do work with some exceptions like that Chemlight. You have to check that stuff out if you wanna play like an I44.  

Contacts, retreat resort, authorless and under the radar, intel, materials, heavy siege one sided.

Added one trader camp in this. Civilians. A real plus you can use civilians in this mod. And so freely. Don't use Chernarus (CIV) (Zombies), use Russian and Special. You don't need to protect them from AIs. Did build 'em in anyway, so they don't fleeing if they getting scared. And the real treat in this Origins mod. Is that whatever you throws on this it always add some of it into Russia (CIV) and Special (CIV). Check that out, almost every unit you add into the game adds a civilian copy of that man. There you have your extended variations on civilian people. Got myself like 200 civs. or so.

150 active AIs now (110 + 38 + 10% zeds).Sure a few static. But c'mon. Lol. Running steady.

Yep. Have to say. Origins Lite with MCC is the best DayZ mod I've experienced. It's so well balanced and when the addons really kicks in after a few hours. It crushes it. Way better than the DLC version (full) in my opinion. Totally flabbergasted.

On not using Blufor as assets like traders or communities using civilians instead. Remembered that Opfor don't activate on default MCC settings. Meaning that Opfor acting like civilians or one that not taking part. No enemies or friendlies. Just existing. In some mods Civilians doesn't working (not spawning, non placeable). So if you want neutrals that's not being confronted or attacked use Opfor.

And the diversity in this are so much fun. Told yesterday on how good this mod is. But that Origins mixing it up with other mods so randomly and predictable make you scratch your head.

Did see some fool, think it was a pilot (army) with a bazooka or rocket rifle of some sort on his back. In the middle of the night during shots fired here and there in the town we were in. A hovering helicopter searching and patrolling the town. He ran all over without anything in his hands with a bazooka on his back. Can tell you I did not add this character into the game. And he wasn't related to the helicopter what so ever. Just a Blufor Survivor like I am running wild.This is the wicked nature happening in this mod now. Origins deciding to make these unexpected decisions to match MCC. Or and the mixed up packs with I44 that I certainly think do frick it up royally.Lol. Maybe he did find this and tried to take the helicopter out. Then ran with it.  

Yup. Almost finished with this setup now. And have to say while taking a break from DayZ Editing. Launched (Ghost Recon Wildlands) on my Box. And wow such a good game this is. So underrated and misunderstood. This is exactly what I aim for with my Southern regions. Napf, Clafghan and certainly Takistan. This with survival to it.Imagine that with survival and basic building mechanics. Hooyyii!Yeeyyyaa! The scale in this game. The height. That vast it's unreal. Building a camp 300 meters above sea level. On a ledge.

But now.These three maps do plays a real bit like GRW and it deepening DayZ soooooo much. Did add zeds to Clafghan and that one is more loner but I try make it more in sync to that theme. Ambivalent Civilians, slow zeds, and many extra static vehicle guards and posts gives the right vibe. It fits with Napfs civil war style (leading groups) as common in that map. And Takistan with its full war (invasion) with extra AI (GUER) in almost every village and town (with ~100x100 suburban surroundings). This mix with totally broken and anarchy regions with zed infestation and scares on everything. Cold wildlands like Namalsk, in between those like Taviana, and pretty civilized like Napf, to complete war like Takistan. Like this a lot. North less and worse condition. South Most and (forgotten) regions (Podagorsk and Clafghan). Better order and somewhat alive, Napf and Takistan.

Must have got this GRW in my subconscious doing this work.Now let's go with it. Make the ever going story with this yourself. Updating if I have something to add or if I observe something of value.Now you rock'n roll.  

And btw. Only me that prefer 720p over 1080p on consoles? There's some thing wrong with the scale and texture in 1080p in my opinion. Five miles away as clear as the skin on top of you hand. Seeing details on bark two miles away, seeing the color on walls by the window? Pfffhh! Don't like it. Things fade away by distance. And you don't see individual gravels teen feet away down the road. Jeezzz?PC the other hand plays at 1360x768p. Try that, you will be reallllllyyyy surprised with your screen set on that.   

Namalsk Rare materials/minerals, harbourage, inhospitable, zombies.

Podagorsk Dead Land (emptiness), trespassing, hostility against all routes and itinerants (western boarder).

Clafghan Day to day life (prewar), decease (outbreak), traveling, easterner.

Takistan Claiming the land, resources and land, No social or health downfall, power.

Nothing special, but a few odds and ends here. Did play all mods for 1-2 hours collecting (except Namalsk, cheat menu) a little inventory. Giving me the illusion of an ongoing travel. Nothing of value just some drink and food, a gun with a mag. etc. Also did pick "spawn" locations next to the beach or near the border with a tent, boat, bike or whatever. Also did pick different time of day. Some in the morning some at evening, night.

Did also built access into my bases. For players and followers (switch to) to gain through. Don't miss that out. Two ladders on each side. When you switch back to player (MCC) your character will run as an AI again. If you wanna recruit it or make sure it stays put 'em in the base. They don't climb out or anything. And now you have 'em in place. Hostiles don't acting on your built objects either, like using your ladders or so. It's safe. On my test run in Napf, I did collected some food, materials etc. Went back, climbed in, dropped it in a weapons box. Switched to player, fixed some addons (MCC), switched back to (me AI), then saved. Works flawless. You doing this in your dreams after a few times.

On Napf as well. Like I said it is my Capital map with the goal to rebuild and sustain it for a main future. My home base and community located there. Did remember that you can grow "agriculture" and plants (NovaMeh44 and Separatist 3.0). Just another reason picking this map as main. Giving you the opportunity rebuild a whole area, not just the architecture, also changing the natural surrounding environment.

And you can delete in-game (map) structures like buildings etc. by pointing at it in (MCC 3D Mode) then puch (Del) key. So you can really rearrange an entire area if you want that. Totally.

Goddang how Separatist reminds me of DayZ Vanilla (MP).Getting all nostalgic over it.The environment and weather is spot on that mod. Everything feels so much of that. The skybox, rain and thunder. Man, love this shit. Feels like I'm back in time. Ohh jeez.

And a disclaimer playing a a MCC. Think some features like driving vehicles are restricted to (Player) only, not as MCC. Will see if this continues on other functions as well. Don't think it is like this in NovaMeh44. But we'll see. Check this first, spawn in a car or so, and see if you can use it. Maybe you should play as (Player) after all. Keeping you updated.  

And I have to say that I'm not that negative on (Mushroom Knife) now actually. If fits better than I first thought. Setting on very low loot getting scares on food. You almost have to hunt or pick (Mushrooms) to survive in this. Nice.Was wrong on that. Don't think you'll find food enough in this. Love all these different layers my mods offers.

And yup. Limited access playing as MCC. No vehicles (only gear), don't think you can do anything due to repair etc. for that matter either. Maybe you can't "craft" (constructions/bases) at all. You can pitch tent, collecting wood, make fireplaces, survivals and that basic type of doings. But I think you'll better stick to (Player) and not as a MCC.   

Yup sure surelyray. Also limited access in NoveMeh44. As you know that. I will switch between the modes depending on what my task is. But normally it has to be as (Player) and not as MCC. Maybe play as MCC if I'm only collecting materials and so on. Will do save only on storage in both modes. To bad, but no big harm anyway. Can use that mode gearing my community up or if I want 'em in a specific exact spot etc. So ok.

Maybe you can use MCC players as scavengers. I think I'll do that. If you save rares, like Toolboxes, E-tools etc. and only use these with your (Player) it do work really well I think. That way you really don't have the need saving all the time. If your MCCs do die it's not a big harm. While playing as MCC, storage the parts at that object, item it needs for working, then mark it in your map for your (Player) fixing it later. As a MCC it do pulls another layer on your game experience in a few ways, even if you can't drive or recruit members. More planning and deliberations before your acting. Adding a Teamwork way of thinking like that. Good enough.

And another funny thing happen in NovaMeh44 (Napf), as always.I did placed two motorbikes outside my little hideout in that one. When I did change back to (Player) due to mentioned probs with that here. Some of my (French Operations) guys did show up. While passing by they actually did take my bikes. Lol.Did see one that drove away in real time, lol. Looks like Novas AI behavior do transmit on MCC AIs as well then.Really falling in love with this mod.Sure all AIs also do "loot" for stuff they need in this mod. Has to be a really advanced ASR-AI module operating in this mod.