Chernarus "Wasteland" 1987 , the story ...

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Chernarus "Wasteland" 1987 , the story ...

( Based on Olive's SP/Daizy modified mission)

 It's very hard to describe what's going on over in the region of Chernarus currently.  At first glance, everything seems to be normal.  Go through any given town , and everyday folks just like yourself, are simply trying to live and get by , going about thier business as best they can.

 However, it's not really that simple if you look hard enough.  

 While the "war" officially ended , it left Chernarus as a whole, with-out a true working government.  The fall of 'communism' hit the country hard, as it tries to adjust to a more capitalist society. Backed by US green dollars , to encourage trade and business.
 It was during this lull and peace-talks , I got a job as a truck driver over in the odd country.  
 For a bit less than a year , that's what I did, working for a company, driving supplies and industrial needs here and there.
 That was, until ... well, I don't know what the "official reports" say, or what news broadcast are saying back home ... , but it seems the Country is under yet another type of civil war.  
  I was on my route one day, as usual.  It was a rare sunny day , quite warm, nothing was out of the ordinary. I was my way to deliver a load, even had my log books up to date for once.  
  I noticed up ahead, the road was blocked by some sort of checkpoint , which I had never seen in previous runs.  Russian soldiers were stopping traffic, ... it just didn't "feel right" to me ... I decided to turn my truck around before getting there , and hope I could find an alternate route to my destination.
  Next thing I know, an armed helicopter flew overhead ... I watched it as it circled back around , and lowered towards my truck.  
 I slammed on the brakes, and barely got out of the truck when the chopper launched small missiles right into my truck.
 I was left stranded out there , in a country I definitely can't understand the language ...
By the time I made it back to our company office , it was cleaned out and empty.   I went to the airport , and was turned away , then to the port ...
 Both places had US and other military personnel and equipment unloading.   I was told I had missed the evacuation , the airspace and navy had quarantined off the area, aircraft leaving the zone, would be shot down.  Any ships passing a certain point, turned back or be blown out of the water.
  They let me use a satellite phone, I tried calling my company ... , they gave me the run around, and tried saying I wasn't ever employed. That I never existed as far as they were concerned.

 So, I became stuck here.  
 I have heard , I wasn't the only civilian caught behind enemy lines here, but I've not met any yet.
 I've been labeled a "survivor" by the locals.  They are not hostile towards me, but they aren't exactly friendly either.  They don't really know what to make of me.

 So, what ever military flare up has happened ... sparking up another flash point ...
has pretty much left the entire country in a state of chaos and uncertainty.  
 Like I said, there really wasn't any stable form of government as it was.   This has created lawlessness all across the country, and with it those that would take advantage of it.  
 The locals call them "bandits" , those that murder and steal ... just because they can.

 Here and there, local "police" still try to do thier job , or at least keep the civilian populations of thier towns safe from bandits, marauders, and undesirables.   I'm not entirely certain, they even get paid to do it or not.  But with-out the governing laws in place, it's not like there are courts or legal systems ... Cops seem to shoot first, ask questions later when encountering undesirables.

 What's going on between what I call the Us side and peacekeepers, and the "reds" ... I honestly do not know.  Most citizens don't seem to know either.  They are conflicted in what they want , they want freedom , they want stability ... I'm not entirely sure they care how that is achieved though.

 The latest rumor and growing fear that's circulating is that the Russians have grown tired of uprisings, constant war over the disputed country of Chernarus ... , and they have developed some sort of super-biological weapon.  Rumors say, if unleashed ... it not only kills , but those that survive it, become infected with something very contagious , and ... well from there , imaginations seem to run rampant.

 I'm stuck here, no way out.  But I need to survive, make my own way ... luckily , the recent flash point has opened up somewhat of a trading system, and some enterprising people, even have managed to deal in weapons.   These and locals alike, are still using the new cash-currency system put in place.  
 There doesn't seem to be much money going around ... but, I've noticed small profit margin in taking down or killing bandits ... and seems to impress the locals as well, doing so.

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Re: Chernarus "Wasteland" 1987 , the story ...

So I defended this small town from bandits.

Pustohka ?? Forgive me , my checklovak-russian isn't so great ... neither is my spelling.

However, I do think I had a very productive day.  I thought , finding bandits would be difficult.  
 I came into the town, as there is a general store there, and vehicle salesman.  
 I decided to hang around, see what I could find ...  passed by three cops , but they weren't actually any help at all.
  Not long after , i hear shots ... I go investigate, and took down my first three bandits.  they had some better gear, and cash on them.  
  I go to the shop, and buy a tent ... I wandered around the town, looking for a decent place to rent, but everything was too expensive for what I had.  
 I found a barn though, the old farmwife said I could stay for free, as long as I kept the bandits away. Wasn't much, but sufficed.  I didn't have room to pitch my tent in the little barn ... and it's roof leaked badly on one side.  Outside though, there was a covered hay bay ... I pitched my tent under it, and stored up the extra gear.  
 Wasn't long I heard more shots, this time I found some dead villagers too.  I scouted around, hearing the occasional shot, but had a very difficult time finding the shooter.
 Eventually I did, a near miss ... the bandit was crawling, stayed low behind walls, thats why I had a hard time finding him.
 So I stayed around, shooting bandits for the most part of the day.  Forced to wait out a few thunderstorms in my barn.  I had amassed quite a bit of cash from bandit bounty ... and quite a few guns and ammo from them as well.
 I needed to get these weapons to a gunshop ... and sell them. But, I could only carry one at a time... so, I went vehicle shopping.  It took most my earned money, but I had enough to buy a little truck.  so, I loaded up the guns, went and sold em.  Now that was a nice tidy profit.

 Going back, had one bandit blind side me ... I thought I was dead for sure , lucky shot on my part, as I passed out ... I hit him one shot in the head. Pure blind luck I didn't bleed out, pure blind luck I shot him. I was able to bandage, eat a bit of food , and take some painkillers. But I had bled a lot, and kept passing out every few minutes.  
 So, I crawled to the bandit in between black outs.  He had a bloodbag on him, matched my bloodtype.  
 gave me enough blood to stop passing out, but not enough for me to see clearly ... So I crawled back to my truck ... drove back to my barn-hideout ... and tried to wait out another downpour , just rest and regain my strength.

 When I was feeling better ... I ventured out, thinking of doing some hunting.  I went west towards the vast woods.  I was just about to shoot a goat, when I turned and nearly jumped out of my skin!  
 Two soldiers, a crewman and a Pilot walked right passed me ...
They were armed, but didn't pay me any mind, just passed on by.  
I followed the soldiers, curious to where they were going ...

 So, they didn't shoot me.  They also didn't seem to mind I followed them.  
Call me curious I guess.  I was wondering ... why a crewman and a pilot were wandering around in the woods.  I wanted to see where they were going , and why they weren't in a plane or chopper , and patrolling on the ground.
  Well, while following I overheard one say "chopper far" ... peeking through the woods at a large clearing I noticed a big armed chopper just sitting there!  I'm fairly sure it's an enemy chopper ... it was badly damaged, shot up.  Probably abandoned.  I went up to get a closer look at it, and well ... I lost track of the soldiers.  Couldn't find them again.
 It's ok though ... I'm sure they are seeking trouble I don't want to be a part of ... still though, patroling on foot ... way out here, the locals call it "no-man's land" , there's nothing out there really, but maybe trees.
 Who knows ... maybe I'll explore out there more later.
  The chopper doesn't do me much good.  Even if it worked, and I managed not to crash it ... it's not like I could fly out of Chernarus ... I'd be shot down, or run out of fuel before I reached any place outside the country that wouldn't be hostile.

 So, back to my little barn , my tent of goods ... along with some wood and goat meat , I returned to eat and heal up some more.
 It was a long day ... but, profitable.