Been watching Standalone on youtube:

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Been watching Standalone on youtube:

I hadn't bought the game , but I've followed it from it's humble beginnings.
 Not too impressed, until late.  

 I still think the genre/idea has basically ran it's course, except for die-hard fans, and it may very well be "too late", ...  but the latest release ... I actually see a vast improvement.

 I'm wondering if I can run the new engine on my computer.

 While standalone lacks a great bit of content the original mods offer ... there's alot I'm seeing I do like.

 First and foremost, Standalone seems to have some nice "survival" elements embedded into it's form.
  It's shifting from a PvP/KOS fest , to a survive the infected/wasteland play game.

 I know that seems ... "wonky" to say, as most "public servers" will still have the KOS players more than likely.  
 More on that later ...

 Modders are now able to step into the community now too, so I see content coming.  

 Most of what I watched was Role-Play server stuff, from MINDR on youtube ...
Now, his portrayal kinda hooked me, story wise ... or rather the ability to "create your own story".  
 Role-Play servers ... they have some ignorant folks playing, and some hair-brained crap of course ...
 But for the most part ... KOS is frowned upon, you need to interact with others first ... and that's kind of  a good thing.
In Standalone you have more options for "looking the part" , so it immerses such play better to.
 It kind of reminded me more of Origins , minus the weird vehicles and extra weapons/base housing.

 Thats probably how I'd do it, rent a server ... password it ... not exactly "whitelist" as thats just dumb really, but have some rules of engagement, and general guidelines ... and let players offer thier own tales/stories ... form thier own groups/factions ...

 See I simply do not like PvE purely , especially with no AI to deal with, only "infected" ... there has to be some "unknown" confrontation ... some form of the unexpected to remain interesting.
  Especially cause unless a fresh spawn ... Infected/Zeds are no threat or challenge at all.

 SP Daizy is "ok" ... at least I can somewhat get the "dayZ experience" ... even though our SP wrapper is severely outdated , and I have yet to successfully merge any of the interesting mods into any of it, or update any of it.  
 But it's ultimate fail-point is ... it gets "stale" quite a bit to.   Everything we got currently SP for the arma2 oa/co mods is basically "static" , some do offer slight dynamic changes like spawns being in different places ... ect ... but it's not very ... "organic".
  And you can't get it to MP at all ... so you are always alone, with non-interesting AI bots ... there's no one to really "share" these experiences with.  No others to help, aid, go see the infected world with ...
 so even a LAN or "private server" for the more interesting ones posted here ... can't really be "shared".

 You can't even as much as "update" the maps ... like add in additions, more areas/buildings ... because the code has specific places to spawn loot , trying to change that, or add to it ... breaks the mod.

 Sp or MP wise ... i've played around with an old-old "zombie" mission ... called Dynamic Zombie Sandbox .  
 Now it would be a fun pure PvE , cause the "infected" in it are numerous and quite hard of a challenge.
 But , it lacks the "polish" that DayZ has and offers.  
there's no real way to save progress in it , or even run it through a server database to make it "persistent".  Well, there probably is ... but such is way beyond my capabilities ...

DZS though, reminds me of "wasteland mission" + a boat-load of "infected" ... you can find base parts like in wasteland, and make a "base".  Kind of one of those crummy Arma2 asset "bases" , and some of it will still allow the glitchy "infected" to walk/run right through ... so it's not 100% "safe" even if you manage to survive long enough and set one up.
But no backpacks ( or at least those units that don't have backpacks  ), no food/water system ... just weapons, ammo and vehicles ...
  It had potential ... and I'm still playing around with the scripts and mission to see what I can improve there in.
 if I was a scripting guru and great at UIs ... I probably could do much more, even regarding DayZ mods or DaiZy SP ...

 I might get standalone at some point though.  I'm kinda interested in making a "hunter" character ... one that uses non-military gear, mostly stuff used for actual "hunting of wild game" , and a ton of self-crafted materials ... maybe even make a clan of "hunters", who knows.

 I just wish Arma2 DayZ or DaiZy mods were detailed ... fleshed out, and configurable.