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Arma 3: Ravage mods -

Ok, so yeah not Arma2 Daizy ... ,  it is Arma3.  However, you can use CUP terrains or Port Arma2 maps ( with some tweaking) to work in Arma3.  Only mission files won't run directly.

But I do think this mod deserves it's own spotlight, especially in terms of single-player "survival experience".  

The Arma3 , even on my super crappy machine, actually runs better than Arma2 does.  It plays much smoother. ( I got some mods/addons that help with some of the nuisances of Arma3 like head bob/weapon sway, and crappy stamina.  ) I was very surprized.  
It's still arma , so yeah... gonna be some lagg, optimizing issues no matter what.

But lets get onto the meat, and talk about Ravage:

 Ok Kodabear did NOT really give a great description of Ravage, I knew about it from watching videos.
But I didn't "get all of it" , because I had never messed around with Arma3 mission making or editor.

 But, I watched on Ravage mod "how to " tutorial, and I was up and running in minutes.

The Ravage -drop in modules, makes it easy, and I mean super EASY to fully customize all your wants in an Arma "survival game".  
If you want crappy weather, you can do that.
If you want AI spawning, lots of them, or few ... if you want AI to actively hunt you ... all can be done.
You CAN even run Ravage with NO ZOMBIES to get just AI "threats".  Random patrols, and all.

Zombies-  You can have lots and lots, ad lots of zombies! You can spawn entire hordes.  As much as your machine can handle.  
There are walkers, ( which is deceptive they sort of walk really fast) ...
There are Bolters ( crouching/jumping monkey ones) ...
There are runners.  
Zombies/infected spawn mostly around structures, but also can be anywhere. They will also "free roam". Default detection is very high/long range on these beast.  So even if you are trying to sneak around AI , chances are zombies are going to see you/hear you and become an extra immediate threat to deal with.  

AI, shoot at zombies, and can be killed by zombies too.  You can set Ravage to have dead AI raise up as zombies even!

Notes on the ravage zombies... damn boogers are hard to kill if you do not head shot them. Torso shots , 4-6 good hits on most weapons. Some weapons will do 2-3 torso hits, depends on caliber I think.
Hit boxes can be wonky a bit on the zombies , especially when they stagger around.
It really makes these zombies , an actual worry/threat, even if it's just "walkers".  I've found it easy to get cornered in a house looting, and you use a lot of ammo if you miss that head , or got a bunch on you!
They come in droves usually.

Loot system - I think it needs work a bit , some common DAYZ things aren't in it like chopping wood.
But has eats and drinks in it.  Can kill animals, gut em with a knife, cook the meat.  
Offers a nice drinking system , you don't have to have a canteen ... you can get an empty can and get a drink!!! Empty bottle filled.  Find full bottles. Ect.  Canned food , you need a can opener , or a knife to open.
But you search furniture and garbage cans/piles , lockers, lots of in game objects offer a search, and so do most wrecks.  It's more "realistic" than just finding crap laying around on the ground.

 Every bit of loot is customizable too.  Ravage will detect quite a few mods for extra gear/weapon placement.  Or allows you to add in stuff, if you know the classname of it.
I generally leave mine on default ...

Radiation zones, easy to do ... survival system also has gas mask and anti-rads meds.

You can set up safezones , which work 100% on AI, but hit and miss in zombies wandering in the zone.
But mostly works.  

Ravage happens dynamically across the entire map, but only loads what's necessary and cashes what isn't.


 Where ravage really shines in my eyes, is it' s level of customization is ... unmatched in arma2 Dayz/Daizy mods.  I will say again, everything we ever wanted in A2 Daizy , you can do in minutes with A3 Ravage mod.

 And you can create your own scenarios, your own full blown missions in the editor, and run Ravage on top of it all.  
So it's practically , limitless.  Limited by your knowledge and imagination I suppose only.


Secondary feature , a bit more set up work ( doing sides/respawn points ) , Ravage also works 100% multiplayer.  MP can be LAN, it can be Online/private, It can be Non-Dedicated.  
You don't need a server , because everything is done mission side.  I think currently there's a multi-player game save issue, but for now it's ok ... as there's not really any means of needing a database/sql saved persistant system. ( Though, i'm sure I seen a mod on the workshop that offers that earlier. )

But it's easy to play with friends with ravage missions, which is great!  


 Now, DayZ standalone , did not impress me.  Project Argo was a joke.  I'm sure A3 makes a ... decent milsim , but I have been impressed so far, and having lots of fun playing around on Ravage self-made missions with it.  As I grow with the game, it'll get even better.  

Disclaimer-  I bought A3 a few weeks ago, on sale, but did not get any DLC for it.  The one bad part of A3 if you don't buy thier dlcs, the objects are still included in the game.  But using them will spam your screen/game play.  

Unfortunately, ravage doesn't kick out those items by default , so occasionally they show up in the loot.  It's sort of spammy/aggravating in my eyes.  Much needed loot, that spawned a in game advertisement so you'll go buy the crappy dlcs.
I'm sure though, those items could be black-listed if you know how to script it in your mission though.


Over-all ... I can see why Haleks and Kodabear stopped rummaging around on Arma2 Daizy mods now.  
I get it.  Ravage made it pretty much obsolete/redundant.  

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Re: Arma 3: Ravage mods -

some question here :
 i have problem about installing Ravage mod for arma 3. it's say bla bla bla missing whatever that. follow tutorial for installing DayZero (Ravage,cup terain and whatever that call's) all is done. but why doens't work?
i downloaded mod from Armaholic.
is cause my arma 3 version is too old or ?

anyone can help?

Thanks Before
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Re: Arma 3: Ravage mods -

You need Arma3 CBA mod ( addons) to run Ravage.  

You don't need CUP unless you want Cup Terrains , which is all the old Arma maps. then you need CUP core , CUP Terrains, and Cup Interiors.

Cup terrains gives-

Utes, Chenarus, Zargabad, desert , Proving Grounds , Shapur, Zargabad, Takistan , and a few others from earlier Arma games.  Basically CUP makes Arma2 maps playable in Arma 3.  
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Re: Arma 3: Ravage mods -

what version needed for run Ravage mod ?
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Re: Arma 3: Ravage mods -

umm, as long as arma3 is current updated it should work???  I'm not actually sure ravage mod is version dependent.

 My Arma3 is on steam , which auto-updates ... I don't even know what version I have to be honest.  Too "new" to Arma3 to know right now myself.