A Daizy Stalker/Coop Daizy Stalker?

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A Daizy Stalker/Coop Daizy Stalker?

 I'd like to get a coop and single player style stalker mod , or dayz style stalker mission. Arma2 OA or CO of course.  

 Every Stalker mod I download seems to be broken or missing something, except for Stalker Development Mod.
 Only part of it works, and there is no mission.  I tried using the editor and make a mission , but I lack the know how of how to properly use what I am looking at as far as content.

 I thought it'd be cool to have a coop or even a Stalker RP mission ... buy, sell, trade, kill ... stalk, hunt, survive ( need food water rads, ect ... ) , bribe, negotiate ... all the while blind dogs, mutant zombies , and maybe even that retarded bloodsucker out there?  

 Playing around with what I could ...  seems pretty fun, except for the bloodsucker.  Talk about nasty and near impossible to kill.  

 Here's the things I can't seem to do ... I can't get the included modules in the editor to work right.
Like the module for a small group of stalker zombies is supposto randomly and sporadically place those units around ...
It will spawn 3-4 units , but only on the location where I place the module marker.
 Same with the blind dogs one.

 I can't seem to get any randomized placement of units.  
Can't get the anomalies to work, nor do the artifacts seem to do anything.
 ( I can't script for shit, so probably my main issue.)

 I don't know how to convert and use a money system at all ...  nor set up a trader and item list that doesn't involve external database to buy/sell from.  

 Like I said all "missions" on Armaholic seem broken , NC or Namalsk Crisis, the addon "NC" itself has zero bytes in it, and the mission fails to load or crashes Arma 2, popps up the error " mission cannot be played or edited because addon NC is required, has been removed"

 The only one that downloads properly is the Stalker Development Mod , but it has almost no documentation ... I can only get class names from making a mission, placing a unit down, saving, extracting the PBO and looking at the mission file in Notepad++ ... but I can't get weapons class names, or anything that way.

 I even tried cracking some Day of Survival and DAIZY code , using the stalker skins ... was able to successfully use the model unit ( Skin)  , but of course attempts at changing anything else seemed to not work ... even some gear  no longer functioning correctly.

 Of course it'll be a year or two before I can play online or even LAN, but I thought a single player that is also a COOP mod of this fashion would be fun.  A tad different than DayZ anyways.  Ten times spookier too!

 Some have said in comments on videos, that the zombies in Arma2 STALKER were and looked retarded ... honestly I like them way better than the "infected" of Arma2 DayZ.  Of course, everyone calling the Infected of DayZ "zombies" they actually are more akin to 28 days later movie Infected , rather than technical slow moving brainless Zombies" ... the Zombies of Stalker seem more like "zombies". Easy to maneuver around, and outsmart ...
 Yeah in DAYZ or DAIZY you can make Zeds "slow" , but I happen to like the herky-jerky movements of the Stalker based ones way better.  
 Even the Undead Mod or Zombie Sandbox zombies sounded better ... even somewhat acted better. They just didn't look the part.
 I think for game ported content ... Stalker isn't bad.  Never be "perfect" ...

 I never played the actual "stalker games" , so some of it's intricacies are lost to me ... but I dig the concept.

 I just wish I had the talent you guys have ... I'd love to set up a Stalker Survival/Faction based RP like sandbox.  
 Players could join the existing "factions" as Stalkers, or try to be some covert scientist or civy ... lol.
Each seems to be west, east, or independent based , and civil for scientist ... so factions are almost already in place in full anyways.

 I can see , playing a independant Stalker ... having to negotiate or bribe your way out of situations, or even beg for aid or a roof over your head for a stormy night ...  
 I can see someone playing a NightStalker , and coming up against a group of Player Bandits, or opposing faction.
Everyone still has to deal with the potential deadlines of the "wilds" ... radiation zones, anomalies, zombies, blind dogs , ... not to mention the crazy weather, and that nearly impossible bloodsucker ... but the loot and things needed to survive are OUT there ... towns/bases even have limited supplies ... some might pay big or give favors if you brought back extra goods to sell or trade.  
  Clean water sources would be camped on ... or fortified , guards posted ... might have to bribe for water, or kill for it, or steal it ...

 See the possibilities are only limited by the ability of the engine and scripting.
 Sadly I am limited because I lack the skill, knowledge , and talent of others that do amazing things ...

Even some working Single player would be nice ... even that is beyond me I think.

 And yes, I have played the "DAYz Namalsk" in multiplayer before.  
Not quite the same with DAYZ Infected , and flat out KOS style players ... plus it was still "DayZ" , survivor skins and all that ... just had the dreaded DAP Storms included , and probably bloodsuckers too, but I never seemed to get into areas those were at ... just too much KOS before exploring.  


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Re: A Daizy Stalker/Coop Daizy Stalker?

Lol, a few minutes after posting this ... I looked up more Stalker on youtube, and Psi Syndicate was discussing the same mod I have ... he too said, " I wish someone would do a serious survival RP based off Stalker" ... ( yes it was an older video , but I hadn't wathed it before now.)

 See I'm not the only one!

 My only exception would be, It needs a single player option as well as MP ... or even Lan Coop/MP, with out a need for external server , or databases, ect ...
Thats the most aggravating thing about anything regular DayZ ... the Multiplayer lock down.

 That why I come here a lot , especially in these late years of Arma2 ... DaiZy at least offers some experiences you can't get off base arma2 oa.  
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Re: A Daizy Stalker/Coop Daizy Stalker?

Probably lost to age and thread not looked at, but I figured out a few things on making such a mission.  

 But of course there are things that just never seem to work right.

 My attempts at any self heal system , be it bandages or what-ever ... the only thing I can get to work is healing at some SimpleFirst Aid Module placed thing like an ambulance or med tent.

 I found a neat old script allowing to strike with the butt-stock of a rifle ( assuming out of ammo last ditch "defense" ) , but it works off a trigger system, and I am not sure why it's set up that way ( the language is mostly in Russian, and isn't documented. ) ... so porting it to another mission, breaks it and it doesn't work.

 I mashed together some Daizy/Dayz Epoch mods, then mashed them into the Stalker Dev mods, it worked somewhat.  No Daizy or dayz HUD like I wanted ... can't seem to access any of the dayz items ( chem-lights, flares, beans ...) , and seeing how the "random survival items" are hard coded spawned by the included mod scripts, not sure why those don't work either.  
 So trying to make a new system ... I got one to work, but it's clunky ... way simpler.  
 I have to use a marker or game logic to place a weapon holder and can call from a  small array list of randomized items that way.  
BUT ... I did manage to get more buildings opened up and it did add the Overpoch weapons. Go figure eh?
 The bad part is ... you must place game logics everywhere on a map, and none will be inside a building. So if someone wanted to switch from Utes say to Cherno ... they'd have to physically edit a map for it to work.  
Thats not desirable .... and indoor finds are much more preferred. As it stands, the random items, are simply random static spots, once learned where they are, no challenge to it really.
 Of course learning what buildings to look in Dayz or Daizy about the same thing , but it makes looting a bit harder/complex than outdoor loot spots.

 Building structures .... I found a somewhat awesome building system... not sure why Epoch didn't use this or anyone, look up MLG_Building scripts in Armaholic!  The bad part, it's got some odd hard coded money system ... and I am just not sure how to script "money" to use it.  By default it gives ( I assume a side like WEST or East ) a total of 20k dollars to build... from testing it, you can build some nice things from that.  Doors can't be locked though.  No plot poles though.  
 No windows ... but the structures are concrete and difficult to shoot through or damage.  I do think they can be damaged by high end explosives though.
 The "snap system" is wonky, doesn't really work right in my opinion.  and like Epoch , hahaha, it's a pain to line things up manually. The bad part is ... once you place something, and you messed up ... there's no removal option short of a satchel charge... and then you will have rubble afterwards.
 And like always, my attempts at modifying the scripts ... just seems to break it.
* sigh*
The money system it uses is also a problem ... the money is an odd variable called , doesn't match any money scripts from warfare or any used dayz like epoch gold, ect ... not even life servers missions.
 So changing things, again breaks it ... so a universal money system is beyond me atm.
Why? Because if not playing single player ( I was going to make both SP and MP versions eventually) ... you would want some trade, economy in the game.  Buy sell, trade, steal, robbing... ect.

 My "work around, was maybe to set up two kinds of "money" ... that one for building, where you gain a "bounty" for eliminating Mutants, blind dogs, and the zombies. Slowly gaining funds ( i can change the amount starting to zero ) , however I am fairly sure that money is hard coded into a side or faction , not individuals ... which is equally aggravating.
That means , Joeblow could be a noob , log in and start building using funds others earned.  I'd rather have it individual based , so a player earned and could build/buy when putting time and effort in. But again, I'm no scripter so it's beyond my understanding and capabilities.  ( looking up BIS and Armaholic examples no help in anything advanced.  Only simple shit from regular missions there. Those folks that KNOW how to do stuff, say things like "look up the wiki", or some other unhelpful tid bit usually if you ask. )

 Other "money" would be for a trader or trade system , turning in artifacts , selling weapons/gear , being robbed , bribes, ect ... , but for the life of me ... can't seem to figure out how to script money/funds into the game mode.

 I look at other missions and mods, and see those have a crap ton of scripts and files in them, ... but when I try to do it , only one or two work ... so copy/paste from previous done missions, doesn't seem to get the results ... and the scripting language... OMG, I'm old ...my "scripting days" in school was Qbasic , so imagine my frustration with the modern scripting languages!
 ( Not that I am trying to "steal" anyone else's work ... I think with the game age, and folks putting things up publicly for download/use means they want it to be used, as long as credit is given where credit is due of course. ) Mostly I've been looking at how others have done things, and trying to figure out how to make it work for me in a similar fashion.
 Occasionally you'll run into something that's too cool to pass up using though. Unfortunately, as cool as those are... doesn't seem to like being used after ripping it out of one mission into an new one.

 and class names ... lol, so difficult to get the class names of items from Stalker Dev. The skins are easy, but items not so much.  
 And I don't know how to script anomalies, radiation zones) DAP storms ( not sure I want those ), how to pick up and store artifacts ... so the game play/setting is not what it should be.
 I don't know how to script a health system or a hud for it.  I don't know how to script a "survival system" similar to Daizy or Dayz.  
 It seemed to me ... if one took the Dayz codes and implanted them into the Stalker Dev codes ... that shit should work.  In my mind, there's nothing stopping the addons from working, if you simply port them over.  Doesn't seem the case though.

 * double sigh*

 The last frustrating thing, ... you know the really great Mods and Missions are made by the Russians.  
The bad part, most of them do not translate into English. So many of those on here even.
 They seem to know how to do and accomplish amazing things with Arma2 and Dayz  ( and Daizy by default) , but I can't bloody understand the language.  Tried playing one, I kept using my food, water, and doing things cause even the menu was in Russian!!!! Talk about frustrating/aggravating! Makes things unplayable when you don't know what going on, or what you are picking up! Communication barriers , also inhibit advancement in learning how to do, what those crazy Russians do.

 anyways, thats my progress or lack of it atm.

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Re: A Daizy Stalker/Coop Daizy Stalker?

I figured it out ... working on it now.
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Re: A Daizy Stalker/Coop Daizy Stalker?

I can do much more with the Stalker Dev mod now.
 I was doing well on one , anomalies included ... still couldn't figure out how to use artifacts , but thats ok.

 I used jadeGroove map as a test to do it on ... great map as far as performance goes , but not great for Stalker theme lol.  
  I also misspelled ( added a space) in my anomalies triggers for electric anomalies , after I placed hundreds of them on the map ... aggrivating.

 I used a random spawner for some bandits based off a trigger ... later I removed said trigger from my test area, but even though it is not there any more , it still fires off ... unexplained.  
( So I kind of "broke" what I did so far. )

 I got medkits , antirads, and the detector to spawn and work.  
 Unlimited bolts set ...

 So was going along nicely ... until I broke it. ( It's still playable , good for testing but get spammed with my bandit spawn drop in. )
 I came a long ways with it ...

 Still have no clue on how to add traders or get a working GUI for health, ect though.